Corbin Burnes, Dylan Cease

In a quest to bolster pitching staff ahead of the 2024 MLB season, the New York Yankees played every reasonable card to get a pitcher to signing. However, neither a trade nor a free agent signing was possible, except Marcus Stroman. After Yoshinobu Yamamoto sided with Dodgers, Yanks pivoted to Stroman.

That being said, it’s not that the New York Yankees were short on opportunities. In fact, the front office negotiated trade deals with two separate teams for two formidable starting pitchers. However, the Bomber’s reluctance to part with a top outfield prospect led to a major fallout in both trades.


Yankees Lost Two Pitching Reinforcements Due To Spencer Jones

Spencer Jones
Yankees prospect Spencer Jones has been grinding through a slump offensively in High-A Hudson Valley of late.AP

In a major revelation, the New York Yankees refused to part ways with top prospect Spencer Jones in potential trade discussions involving established pitchers Dylan Cease and Corbin Burnes. While Cease ended up with the San Diego Padres, Burnes went to AL-East rival Baltimore Orioles. Both these pitchers could have added strong depth to the rotation. Moreover, now that the Yanks have lost Gerrit Cole to an elbow injury, the front office must be regretting not making this move more than before. But apparently, they deemed Spencer Jones a prized piece and refused to give him up. Spencer Jones, a promising outfielder and pitcher, has been turning heads with his impressive performance this spring training. He is touted as the next Aaron Judge in the making owing to his towering physique.

Of course, refusing both trades for Dylan Cease and Corbin Burnes must have killed the Yankees’ front office. But the decision to refuse trade offers for Jones underscores the Yanks’ belief in his talent and potential to make a significant impact at the major league level. Contrary to falling for temptations to bolster pitching depth, the Bronx Bombers ultimately chose to prioritize the long-term development of their top prospect. Rather than opting for short-term gains by acquiring established pitchers, the team is betting on Jones’ potential to develop into a cornerstone player and contribute to their success for years to come. While trade negotiations are a routine part of the MLB offseason, the team’s recent bold decisions send a clear message about their priorities and vision for the future. And if Jones lives up to the hype and fulfills his potential th, the franchise’s gamble could go down as a shrewd move in the annals of baseball history.

Gerrit Cole Out For 10-12 Weeks With Elbow Injury

Gerrit Cole Yankees
Gerrit Cole Yankees Source: CBS Sports

In the latest bummer, the New York Yankees are set to miss ace starting pitcher Gerrit Cole due to an elbow injury this year. The reigning CY Young pitcher consulted a specialist surgeon, ruled out a UCL tear, and suggested a non-surgical route. Yet, rehabilitation is expected to last for at least 10-12 weeks.

Shortly after the rumors, Yankees confirmed Gerrit Cole’s absence from opening day and names Nestor Cortes as replacement. While the Bronx Bombers refused to share a specific timeline for return, Cole isn’t expected to take mound until early week of June. It would be interesting to see how NYY copes with the loss of this magnitude.

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