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Gerrit Cole is now a six-time All-Star, earning a trip to the Midsummer Classic for the third time since signing with the New York Yankees.AP

The New York Yankees need Gerrit Cole to get ready for the regular season as soon as possible. He is the NY side’s only superstar pitcher, and he is arguably the best starting pitcher in baseball. Last year, when the NY franchise did not have a great season at all, Cole was perhaps their best performer. The Bronx Bombers could not make the postseason for the first time since 2016. They finished with a terrible 82-80 record. It was a tremendous shame because, as usual, the team was one of the contenders for the World Series. However, the Yankees disappointed the fans with their performance once again.

In the meantime, Gerrit Cole was able to maintain his consistency in 2023. As a result, the Yankees ace pitcher quite deservingly won the American League Cy Young Award. Moreover, in 2024, fans were hoping Cole would continue his tremendous form. However, in the spring training, the 2023 AL Cy Young winner expressed his discomfort over his right elbow. Later, the team sent him for an MRI. Finally, some sources close to the Yankees revealed Cole might miss one or two months of game time. However, the latest information says the AL 2023 Cy Young winner won’t have to undergo Tommy John Surgery.


Gerrit Cole Will Not Need Tommy John Surgery

Gerrit Cole Yankees
Gerrit Cole Yankees Source: CBS Sports

The New York Post’s Jon Heyman, along with Mark W Sanchez, reported that Gerrit Cole can avoid Tommy John surgery around his right elbow. There is a belief in the team that the ace pitcher can come back stronger. Cole can return after a couple of months, or “Perhaps a bit more,” as per Heyman and Sanchez. Cole is 33 years old and still the very best in his business. The team doctors mentioned earlier that he did not sustain any tear in his UCL. Later, Dr. Neal ElAttrache in Los Angeles agreed with the Yankees doctors.

No tear on the right elbow injury means he won’t need to undergo Tommy John surgery right now. The surgeon needed to make the final call about Tommy John surgery. Everybody was waiting for what Dr. ElAttrache had to say about Cole’s right elbow. Since Cole can return while the regular season goes on, there is a chance Gerrit Cole would play an essential role in taking the team to the postseason. However, the 33-year-old ace will miss around two months of game time, and somebody from the bullpen needs to join the starters to even things out. 

What’s Aaron Boone Has To Say About Yankees Ace Pitcher’s Recovery?


Previously, the Yankees manager told ESPN that before Cole got to his next start, his recovery has been based on how he feels during the season. For instance, when he throws 100 pitches. Moreover, Aaron Boone told Jorge Castillo of ESPN, that Gerrit Cole generally does not have any recovery issues when he is between his 45th pitch and 55th.

It is that time when he is building on his throws, trying to maintain a good average. Anyway, now the question is who will take Cole’s place as the starting pitcher on the Opening Day and the next two months. There is a good chance it will be Marcus Stroman or Carlos Rodon, either one of them. 

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