Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

The New York Yankees need their captain, Aaron Judge, to get back to his 2022 form. He broke the American League home run record back in that year after hitting 62 homers. Subsequently, the NY side’s captain won the Most Valued Player award, beating Shohei Ohtani to that race. It was, in fact, later that year when the New York organization announced Judge as their new captain after Derek Jeter. The 2022 AL MVP became the 16th captain of the Bronx Bomber’s franchise history. He was ready to make it big in 2023. However, a terrible accident at the Los Angeles Dodgers fence saw Aaron Judge sustain a torn ligament. Initially, it looked like a minor toe injury.

Anyhow, the team missed their captain for two months on the trot. Later, the superstar slugger returned to the rotation, but in his absence, the team suffered enough damage. Finally, the Yankees failed to make the postseason for the first time since 2016. The fans would not want that history to repeat again this year. However, Aaron Judge has not been at his finest lately. But the team has managed to do well so far. However, the fans argued that Aaron Judge had to deal with a few unfair strike calls lately. Now, what to do about that?


The Yankees Nation Feels Perhaps Robotic Umpires Can Solve The Issue

Yankees Faithful
Yankees Nation Source: MLB.com

At the very start of the season, the NY side swept their modern-day rivals, the Houston Astros. The Bombers won 4-0. Later, against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Yankees won the first game but lost the second one really badly. Moreover, the fans noticed the AL 2022 MVP has been struggling mightily at the very beginning of the 2024 season. Perhaps that’s because Judge is still “Banged up.” He missed a lot of games in the spring training because of an abdominal injury. Perhaps that’s why he needs time to get back into his groove.

Anyhow, the beat writers of Yanks Go Yard argues that umpires are right there with him, “But the performances of those umps are directly impacting Aaron Judge.” These beat writers also said, “Robot umps are on their way.” Moreover, the fans are also ready to dispatch the human umps as soon as possible. With Judge, the Yankees Faithful have also felt victimized as they watched the unfairness of those strike calls. Most importantly, what happened when Aaron Judge faced the Diamondbacks ace Zac Gallen really stirred things up among the fans. These fans are not happy with Scott Barry, the Home plate umpire. 

Aaron Judge Gets Unfair Strike Calls From Umpire Barry

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: CNN

The 2022 AL MVP has been getting low strike calls since his major league debut. When Zac Gallen struck him out, the beat writers of Yanks Go Yard argued that the last pitch was not even a breaking ball. That pitch had no deception and crossed the plate at a tough angle. Moreover, the Diamondbacks ace straight up threw away a fastball of 94 MPH speed. But that pitch was far below the bottom of the strike zone.

Moreover, it was even lower for some slugger of Aaron Judge’s size. But then home plate umpire Scott Barry did not agree with Judge and the fans. Later, that unfair call even got the calm and cool Yankees captain say a few things to the umpire. Generally, he stays quite collected. But it was high time to eject or at least cause a stir about that call on live television. 

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