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Baseball fans, get ready for some exciting news! In the world of Major League Baseball, where players like Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto are making waves in free agency, there’s a big story unfolding. The San Diego Padres and New York Yankees are talking about a trade, and the player everyone’s talking about is Juan Soto. Remember him? The Padres got him in 2022, but now, with only one year left on his contract and money troubles for the Padres, they might trade him. The Yankees are eager to get him, but it’s not that simple. Let’s dive into the details!

Juan Soto Trade Talks Heat Up

Remember when the Padres got Juan Soto during the 2022 MLB trade deadline? Well, now, things have changed. Soto only has one year left on his contract, and the Padres have money issues. So, they might trade Soto instead of risking losing him to free agency next year. The New York Yankees are serious about getting Soto after finishing fourth in 2023. According to SNY’s Andy Martino, the Padres and Yankees are talking, but they’re not close to a deal. The Padres want a lot for Soto, looking at top prospects like Jasson Domínguez, Anthony Volpe, Michael King, and Clarke Schmidt. Brendan Kuty from The Athletic explains that the Yankees don’t want to give away their best young players.

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The Padres are looking for pitchers who can join the major leagues quickly. However, the Yankees are uncertain about parting with players such as Drew Thorpe, Jasson Domínguez, or Anthony Volpe. While dealing with all this, the Yankees are also talking to Cody Bellinger, who is a free agent. This means the Yankees have many options for their plans, especially if they check out pitchers like Yamamoto, Blake Snell, and Jordan Montgomery. Adding more confusion to the Soto situation is that he will be a free agent after 2024. Soto’s agent, Scott Boras, usually tells players to test the market. Soto, at just 25 years old, said no to a big $440 million offer from the Washington Nationals in 2022. This makes it tricky for any team trading for Soto, as he might only stay for a year, which is not ideal when giving up good young players.

Yankees’ Dual Focus On Juan Soto & Yoshinobu Yamamoto

The Yankees are keeping a close eye on both Juan Soto and Yoshinobu Yamamoto. They are optimistic about securing both players, although acquiring Yamamoto poses a greater challenge due to the high demand from numerous teams. The Yankees understand that acquiring Soto won’t be simple. He is expected to command approximately $32 million in arbitration in just a single year. Only a few teams are willing to trade good young players for short-term additions. The Padres like players like Anthony Volpe and Jasson Dominguez, but the Yankees are careful about giving them away.

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Instead, they might offer pitchers like Michael King and Clarke Schmidt or the young pitcher Drew Thorpe. At the same time, the Yankees are also trying to get Yoshinobu Yamamoto, facing tough competition from other teams. In a crowded market, the Braves, who missed out on other pitchers, are looking at free agents to strengthen their team. The Yankees have many options this offseason, with the Soto trade talks and the pursuit of Yamamoto shaping their future. The baseball world waits to see how these negotiations will affect these historic teams.