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Sir Lewis Hamilton has been in search of a race victory but not gotten one for a long time. The last time he won a Grand Prix was in Saudi Arabia and the year was 2021. Hence, the only F1 driver to win more than 100 races has been winless in the last couple of years. The Briton never had a winless season prior to the last season. Now, he has been through back-to-back seasons without a win. It can be frustrating for any driver, but especially the 38-year-old superstar.

Moreover, Mercedes has failed miserably since last year to develop a car that can help Lewis Hamilton win the championship again. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton certainly misses those good old days when he used to stand on the top of the podium. Recently, he called the emotions a “Magical feeling.” Lately, Hamilton revealed the self-doubts he had these past two years. 


Lewis Hamilton Asked Himself If He Still Has What It Takes In This Rough Patch

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: The Sports Rush

Recently, in an interview with BBC Sports, Lewis Hamilton mentioned that if any other driver was in his place, then they would start doubting their own abilities. He revealed what he asked himself quite often. Hamilton doubted if the problem was with him or the car and if he still had it. Moreover, he also doubted that the good times on the grid perhaps won’t return. But he did say that it feels great when everything clicks and that magic happens. He has been looking for that spark with him and the car doing some magic. Moreover, Hamilton claimed that he’s only human, and people claiming they’re not are the ones in denial.

On the other hand, Mark Hughes said that Hamilton did not look quite eager in the Abu Dhabi GP. The F1 pundit claims that Lewis Hamilton perhaps already gave up before the final race of the season. He did not really bother to race harder, maybe because of the difficult year he and Mercedes had. Anyway, Hamilton must be glad that he will not have to drive the W14 car anymore. He said he was counting down the days. 

What Will Hamilton Do If He Doesn’t Win A Title Or Even A Race In The Next Two Years?

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: Eurosport

Not just Mercedes, but none of the teams came close to beating Red Bull over the last two years. The Austrian team has just been too strong for the rest in the last two years. Clearly, the cost cap era has helped Red Bull retain its dominance on the grid after eight years. But the fall of Mercedes after eight years raises questions on the future of Lewis Hamilton in F1.

Since he is close to 40, people are speculating about his retirement plans. But Hamilton signed a two-year extension with Mercedes this year. Hence, he is definitely racing in F1 till 2025. But the other question is if he can win his eighth title in the next two years. If not, then will he leave Mercedes and join Red Bull or Ferrari? Or will he retire right away?