Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

The New York Yankees were in such deep trouble after the 2023 season. They finished with an awful 82-80 record. It was one of the worst seasons in the franchise’s history. Moreover, the NY side finished with the second-worst batting average in the league. The only team who had it worse than the Bronx Bombers was the Oakland Athletics. Hence, there were some worrying signs for the franchise. They had to make some significant changes this offseason. And that’s exactly what the NY side did. The Pinstripes brought some crucial reinforcements they had so badly needed.

Mainly, the Yankees captain was feeling too much pressure in the last few seasons because he was the only superstar slugger on the roster available. Later, his toe injury last season turned out to be fatal for the Bronx Bombers. Hence, the Yankees went all-in to sign the Dominican superstar from the San Diego Padres. Finally, Brian Cashman and his front office landed Juan Soto, and Trent Grisham came with the same package. However, the joy may short live because Juan Soto may leave the Bronx next year. But Aaron Boone wants to get the most out of the best hitter in the league if he’s there for just one year.


Yankees Manager Hopes To Make Juan Soto Run Everyday

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Clearly, the idea of the Aaron Judge-Juan Soto combination was enticing enough. But then the Yankees Nation will get to see the top sluggers of the era share the outfield wearing the Pinstripes uniform in 2024. Moreover, the fans have been eagerly waiting for the season to begin. Meanwhile, the manager is trying to figure out what the outfield and the batting order will look like. Recently, in an interview with Talkin’ Yanks, Aaron Boone expressed his faith in his new outfielder and shared some ideas about how he would utilize Soto.

However, the Dominican superstar might be a great name with the bat, but he’s not great as an outfielder in general. But Aaron Boone plans to make Juan Soto run regularly in the field during the 2024 season. The Yankees manager mentioned, “The guy who’s in for just a year, running him is the best thing to do.” Moreover, Boone hopes to see Soto there every day. Adding to that, Aaron Boone said that some guys going through certain things at their age will get some built-in rest day. But the young guys or stars like the captain and the Dominican slugger, if they’re 100% healthy, won’t get any time to rest. 

How Valuable Is Juan Soto For The NY Side’s 2024 Strategies?

Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: Deadspin

The Dominican Slugger made his debut in the big league in 2018. Since then, he has been leading the walks in the league. Last year, he slugged 35 homers, with an average of .275, a .930 OPS, and 109 RBIs. The San Diego Padres were lucky to have his service last season. But this time, the Yankees have that luck. In 2023, Juan Soto won the Silver Slugger Award for the fourth time in a row and was 6th in NL MVP voting.

Moreover, the superstar is adaptable and can play in different positions whenever it is necessary. This level of flexibility that Soto brings to the table will give the Yankees a certain strategic edge. His presence should have a positive impact on the team’s chemistry. Only time can answer the question if landing Soto was a successful trade for the NY side.

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