Luis Severino

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REPORTS: Yankees Likely To Part Ways With Former All-Star Pitcher This Off-Season After Abysmal Performance In 2023!

The New York Yankees have a lot of tough decisions to make this off-season. They can either overhaul the entire roster or take a leap of faith. Regardless, something will have to give to restore the team’s pride after a horrific 2023 season. The team barely escaped finishing last. But even a late resurgence couldn’t come to the rescue.

Having said that, the New York Yankees have as many as seven unrestricted free agents this coming winter. The future of those seven players lies in their hands. Not everybody is expected to be given a free pass, and fans might witness a lot of known faces exiting the organization this coming off-season. One among them is a former All-Star pitcher.


Yankee Insider Hints At Luis Severino’s Departure This Off-Season!

Luis Severino
Luis Severino is a walk-year player who could get traded ahead of the deadline. Jason Szenes for the NY Post

Luis Severino, once hailed as one of the Yankees’ most promising pitching prospects, experienced a meteoric rise through the team’s minor league system and quickly made an impact in the big leagues. He earned his first All-Star selection in 2017 and appeared poised to become a cornerstone of the team’s rotation for years to come. However, injuries have cast a shadow over Severino’s career in recent years. A combination of shoulder and elbow injuries sidelined him for significant portions of multiple seasons, limiting his ability to contribute consistently to the team. This season was the final nail in the coffin as Severino completely lost the plot.

In an injury-plagued season, Luis Severino appeared in mere 19 games, wherein his ERA shot up to 6.65. At a point, the ERA surpassed the 10.00 mark, which raised alarm bells. Severino coined himself as the worst pitcher in the league yet continued the grind. The pitcher did register a comeback, but an oblique injury further diminished the minimal hopes. Amid speculations, Chris Kirschner and Brendan Kuty of The Athletic predicted that Luis Severino would not see another day of light in the Bronx. He would either be dealt away or be allowed to enter free agency without any restrictions. All in all, Severino’s time in the Bronx seems up, and the pitcher’s eight-year-long stint will witness an end.

Yankees Linked To Japanese Ace In Mega Contract

Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Brian Cashman

Orix Buffaloes star Yosinobu Yamamoto is a person of interest for the New York Yankees this off-season. Brian Cashman and his unit personally made a trip to Japan to scout the ace, and the latter responded with a no-hitter game. While the competition is raging, the Bronx Bombers are unlikely to back down and have reportedly chalked up a mega contract.

According to Brendan Kuty of The Athletic, the Yankees are expected to be the highest bidders for Yosinobu Yamamoto. Moreover, the bid could scale up to $200 million. It only makes sense for the Yanks to go hard after Yamamoto. They need a strong arm in the rotation, and the Japanese ace is the only better option apart from Shohei Ohtani. Ohtani is way out of reach as his starting bid will likely start from $400 million. Thus, considering the circumstances, Yamamoto is the perfect fit for the Bombers in 2024.