LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: Fadeaway World

LeBron James is not just a great player but also a great businessman. He is the first NBA player to become a billionaire while as an active player. The all-time leading scorer has made pretty profitable investments over the course of twenty years. However, his lifetime deal with Nike indeed played the most important role in making him a billionaire. The LeBron Nike shoes are pretty popular worldwide. Hence, the partnership with Nike is pretty lucrative for King James.

Moreover, the four-time MVP has invested in the food business as well. His investment in Blaze Pizza made him a lot of money, too, all these years. After the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Brooklyn Nets in the preseason game on Monday, King James told the reporters again about a team based in Las Vegas. He said from a business perspective, “It just makes sense to have a team from Las Vegas in the NBA.”


But Why Is LeBron James Talking About A Team From Las Vegas Specifically?

LeBron James Adam Silver NBA Commissioner
LeBron James Adam Silver NBA Commissioner Source: Complex

LeBron James reveals why not, as the Vegas teams have been pretty successful so far. For instance, LBJ mentioned the Raiders, the Golden Knights, and the Aces from Las Vegas have been successful. Moreover, LeBron James cited the arrival of F1 in Vegas very soon. On top of that, the all-time leading scorer said there have been the NBA All-Star weekends in Vegas quite a few times. Moreover, Las Vegas also has the venue for the Summer League of the NBA. That’s why LeBron James is trying to add to the momentum that is happening in the town.

Moreover, he smiled and said that it is only a matter of time and he just wished to be part of that time. Last year, LeBron James even made a plea to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver after a preseason game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Recently, LeBron James said that he knows Silver is in Abu Dhabi at present. But also knows that the commissioner watches NBA players’ interviews. Hence, he pleaded again, “I want a team from Vegas, Adam. Thank you.”

Like Hamilton And Jordan, LBJ Too Is Keen To Own A Sports Team

LeBron James Michael Jordan
LeBron James Michael Jordan Source: The Mirror

Moreover, like F1 legend Lewis Hamilton, LeBron James too believes in black ownership of sports franchises. The all-time leading scorer has stakes in the Fenway Sports Group, who are the owners of teams like the Boston Red Sox & Liverpool Football Club of the English Premier League. In 2023, James even raised his stakes in the Group. On top of that, the 19-time All-Star would like to follow in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Michael Jordan.

Like MJ had stakes in the Charlotte Hornets, LBJ would also like to own an NBA Franchise. But the difference between Jordan and James is that the former became a billionaire after he retired, as he started owning the Hornets much later. Even Michael Jordan’s partnership with Nike is very lucrative. Everything started with Jordan signing with Nike. That was an epoch-making deal in the history of sports marketing. Anyway, in 2023, LeBron James hopes for an NBA team in Las Vegas.