Toto Wolff & Adrian Newey

All the attention was on Lewis Hamilton’s dream transfer until a bolt from the blue of Adrian Newey leaving Red Bull emerged. The aerodynamic wizard was unhappy with the management teams’ conduct. The inner turmoil clubbed with Christian Horner’s sexual misconduct case has left Newey with no other choice. Perhaps the chief technical officer is no longer interested in working alongside Horner. 

Amid the RBR’s internal chaos, Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team principal, is dreaming big. Earlier reports suggested that Wolff had offered Max Verstappen a dream contract. However, the Silver Arrow’s team boss is trying to make way while the sun shines, as he is keen to cash in on Newey. 


Is Mercedes A Viable Option For Newey?

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Adrian Newey is considered one of the greatest engineering minds in motorsports history. Since his debut season for Red Bull, Newey has been a cornerstone of the team. The aerodynamic expert’s contribution to turning RBR’s fortunes has been impressive. The 65-year-old has been involved in thirteen title triumphs, two more likely to be added by the end of 2024. Notable media houses have confirmed that Newey will put a full stop to his eighteen-year-long journey with Red Bull. Although an official announcement awaits, other teams are already interested in hiring the veteran aero expert. 

Ferrari and Mercedes are the top contenders for Newey’s new destination. Recently, Newey turned down a $100 million offer from Aston Martin’s owner, Lance Stroll. According to reports, the Briton is not seeking a full-time technical role. However, Adrian is more interested in a consultation role, thus making Ferrari a perfect accommodation. Since the Prancing Horse wants Newey’s consultation services, they’re willing to negotiate with RBR. On the other hand, Toto Wolff of Mercedes would like to poach the technical mastermind to join Lewis Hamilton in the forthcoming season. 

However, the exit clause of Adrian Newey’s contract requires him to take twelve months of gardening leave. Therefore, if the Brit decides to leave, he won’t be able to find a new Formula One team for at least a year. Thus, the only viable option is to retire, which will put RB’s management in a vulnerable state.

Christian Horner Faces Threat to His Authority Amidst Team Disputes

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Despite Red Bull’s on-track domination, the team’s internal environment looks rusty. Since the Christian Horner controversy, ‘all is not well’ with the racing team. Earlier, it was the rumor of Max Verstappen getting a lucrative proposal from Mercedes. Now, it is Adrian Newey switching sides.  All the internal commotion is a threat to Christian Horner’s leadership. 

Recently, former Red Bull engineer Ernest Knoors made a bold statement regarding Horner’s leadership quality. He expressed his fear of Max Verstappen and Adrian Newey leaving the Red Bull setup due to Christian Horner’s questionable leadership.