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Oracle Red Bull racing team has been a dominant force since 2021. The team has won every championship in the past three years. With an almost unbeatable last season, RBR won 21 out of 22 races. The reigning Constructors’ champions want to add a fourth consecutive title to their trophy cabinet. Currently, the team is on the right track, winning four out of five races in the ongoing season. 

However, Red Bull’s success is due to its ‘brave’ technical team, led by Adrian Newey. The star drivers, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, are phenomenal on track. Yet the designers working behind the scenes deserve equal, if not more, credit. The Honda Racing Corporation head, Koji Watanabe, was impressed by the designer team’s ‘unbelievable’ changes in the RB20 car. 


RB20 Is ‘Unbelievable,’ Says Koji Watanabe

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Red Bull Racing’s success is not a coincidence. It’s a result of their outstanding performance in the recent seasons. The team’s early dominance in 2023 allowed them to hold off several mid-season car upgrades. However, the Milton Keynes-based team didn’t rest on their laurels. They took a bold step and underwent a radical revolution of the RB20, which led to four out of five wins for Verstappen and boosted Perez’s confidence. The game-changing, upgraded version of RB19 was unveiled in February. Consequently, Honda, the engine manufacturer of RBR, is praising the team for its fearless approach. 

The changes in RB20 startled Honda’s Racing Corporation head. Koji admired the team’s effort in turning RB20 into a winning machine. Since increasing the power was not an option, Honda adapted the power unit for the new machine. The engine manufacturer also improved the reliability of the power unit, allowing a top-notch aerodynamics concept. Moreover, the slight adjustment gave the Red Bull team a headstart, allowing them to bring more silverware to the headquarters. 

How Adrian Newey’s Departure Will Affect Red Bull’s 2026 Plan

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The FIA is taking a sustainable step by replacing the power unit component, MGU-H, with MGU-K. This is a rare occurrence in F1, as both power units and chassis will be changed. Red Bull’s team boss, Christian Horner, looks confident ahead of the new regulations. However, Adrian Newey’s shocking exit might create panic among the technical team. Newey’s experience was vital for the upcoming transformation, and his absence might perplex the team. 

Amid the chaos, Horner looks forward to Red Bull Powertrain’s collaboration with Ford. The team leader is optimistic and has complete faith in his engineers. It’ll be interesting to see whether Newey officially leaves the team or whether RBR management persuades him to stay. Nonetheless, Adrian Newey is an asset, and other Formula One teams would be willing to offer him a place in their setup.