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Red Bull had a disappointing outing in the Australian Grand Prix this year. Max Verstappen suffered a DNF in Melbourne. The current triple-time champion has not had a DNF since the last year. Max only had two DNFs in 2022. Since then, the reigning champion enjoyed 43 race finishes in a row. He has been dominating the grid like never seen before. From 2022 to 2023, the Dutch racer had won 34 races. It is absolutely unbelievable domination. On the other hand, the Austrian outfit won 38 races in the last two years.

No other team came close to giving a threat to the Milton Keynes team for the title. They are enjoying a pretty good stronghold on the title. But the mishap in Melbourne, Australia, might have been a wake-up call for the Red Bull Racing team. Perhaps that’s the reason why they are planning to bring something new to Japan. Of course, it is partially a home race for the Milton Keynes team because of their engine partner, Honda. Apparently, it seems Red Bull will have a unique livery in the Japanese GP. 


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Red Bull RB20 Sidepod
Red Bull RB20 Sidepod Source: Reddit

On April 2, Red Bull posted a picture of the “White livery” on X. They captioned the post, saying, “Maybe it will return someday.” Moreover, this post has excited the Austrian team’s fans all over the world. As per the comments in the post below, the fans are eager to see the livery on the RB20 car very soon. After all, the Japanese Grand Prix is just around the corner. Hence, the fans want to know if they are playing games with the fan’s minds. Or can it be true that Red Bull brings back the white livery this weekend?

That would be a great boost for the RB20 car. After all, it showed early signs of weakness in Australia that allowed Ferrari enjoy a one-two finish. But there are not many issues with the car as of yet. Still, Red Bull looks like the strongest and the most dominant F1 team. The fans believe they can turn things around again after the disaster in Australia with brake issues. Perhaps the white livery can turn back the clock, and the RB20 car might go on to win ten more races this season in a row. But the F1 season just keeps getting longer, and what if Ferrari finds a way to put pressure on the reigning champions?

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Since 2022, Red Bull has enjoyed the benefits of having the most superior car on the grid. For instance, in 2023, the RB19 car was literally unstoppable, except for the failure in the Singaporean Grand Prix. The Austrian team won 21 of 22 overall races last year. How many can they win this year with RB20? The new car has got side pods that resemble the Mercedes W14.

If the above post turns out to be true, Red Bull will have a new livery on their car as well. Hence, it will be interesting to see how Mercedes and Ferrari compete against the RB20 car. Moreover, the Ferrari team principal said the Australian GP proved that if Red Bull feels a lot of pressure, they can eventually lose. 

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