Stephen Curry ACC
Stephen Curry ACC Source: NBC Sports

Stephen Curry has been waiting for his Olympic debut for a long time. But finally, that dream is going to come true this year at the Paris Olympics. However, 2024 has not been very kind to Steph and his team, the Golden State Warriors. The Sacramento Kings eliminated them in the play-in stage. Moreover, there are speculations regarding the Dubs Dynasty reaching its end and whether they will extend Klay Thompson’s contract in the offseason. Amid all these confusions and challenging times, the three-point King is trying to seek solace in his Olympics debut.

After almost 15 years in the NBA, Stephen Curry has become a legendary name in the league. He has won several accolades in his career, including MVP titles, and won the NBA Championship with his Warriors an impressive four times. But if there is one title that has eluded him so far, it is the Olympic medal. This year, that dream might come true. But he will have to sacrifice another passion of his, Golf, this year.


Stephen Curry Won’t Defend His Golf Title For His Olympics Debut

Stephen Curry ACC
Stephen Curry ACC Source: Golfweek USA Today

Recently, the American Century Championship issued a news release where Stephen Curry revealed that he won’t be able to defend his title this summer. The three-point King expressed his disappointment for not being able to make it to Lake Tahoe this July. But he added that the opportunity to represent his country & win an Olympic Gold medal is something that was not possible for him to pass up. Finally, Curry said that he will be looking forward to “Return to the shores of Lake Tahoe” next July. He wants to create more memories in the subsequent years with his passion for Golf as well. Moreover, Stephen Curry said that he hopes to see his father and brother represent the Curry family well in his absence. However, Steph joked that he would be very disappointed if “Dell and Seth” failed to bring another trophy for their mantel. 

After the news release, the president of NBC Sports Acquisitions and Partnerships, Jon Miller, mentioned that he can understand it is not easy to do both. Miller said he knew that Stephen Curry would return next year to the celebrity golf tournament. As per NBC Sports Bay Area, Miller mentioned that they have discovered what Steph can’t do. And that’s to be in two different places at the same time. Moreover, the news of Curry’s absence has disappointed the fans and the golf tournament, said Jon Miller. Nevertheless, the president said he and the NBC Sports team are proud of Steph for joining Team USA. They wish the entire team to win Gold again in the Olympics this year. 

Steph Will Join His Dubs Coach For Team USA In Paris

LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: Complex

Fans are waiting to see a modern-day American Dream Team in Paris this year. Stephen Curry will join LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, and others in the entire American contingent for the Olympics. Steve Kerr will coach Team USA basketball. Stephen Curry has this golden opportunity to fulfill his dream of winning an Olympic Gold.

Moreover, his teammates, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, have both won Gold medals. So far, Curry did not play in the Olympics. But this year, the team is highly favorites to win Gold again. This year, Team USA has got just too many stars. Now, the question remains if this Dream Team can be as successful as the 1992 team.

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