Stephen Curry Vs Sabrina Ionescu
Stephen Curry Vs Sabrina Ionescu Source: NBC New York

Stephen Curry has been the main factor in the three-point revolution in the NBA. Along with Klay Thompson, Steph and the Dubs changed the game forever. In modern times, the three-point shot has become more important than ever. Moreover, the Golden State Warriors went on to win four titles with the Splash Brothers in eight years. They became the modern-day Dynasty. Moreover, their biggest weapon was the three-point shot. On top of that, Steph Curry eventually became the all-time three-point King of the NBA. The most three-point scorer in the NBA has been looking for the fifth title with the Dubs for the past two seasons.

But things have not been going his way. Albeit, he keeps impressing with his phenomenal scoring almost every game, the Warriors have not been able to maintain a winning streak in the first half of the ongoing regular season. The Golden State Warriors would like to make some smart moves before the February trade deadline. In the meantime, there is a new challenge waiting for the all-time NBA three-point King. It is coming from the new WNBA three-point Queen, Sabrina Ionescu. But Stephen Curry is really looking forward to the three-point shooting contest against Sabrina Ionescu. 


The Three-Point King And Queen Are Ready To Face Off During The All-Star Weekend

Stephen Curry All Star
Stephen Curry All Star Source:

On Tuesday, after beating the Philadelphia 76ers, Stephen Curry said on TNT that he’s really looking forward to the challenge against the WNBA three-point queen. Steph Curry mentioned it will be the coolest thing and the fans are going to love the contest. In 2023, Sabrina Ionescu stunned the basketball world after making 25 of 27 shots in the three-point shooting contest of the WNBA. She broke all the NBA and WNBA records in that contest as she scored 37 points. The previous best record belonged to Stephen Curry back in 2021, when he scored 31 points. Curry won a couple of three-point shooting contests in 2015 and then that one in 2021.

But the contest between Sabrina and Steph will be the first in American basketball history when the King faces off against the Queen. It will be the first time an NBA great competes against a great WNBA player. After Sabrina broke the record in 2023, Stephen Curry said it is important to settle it once and for all. Moreover, it seems both player’s wishes will come true in the upcoming All-Star weekend. Lately, Steph said on social media that the stage is set, and let’s get it. In response, Sabrina just mentioned, “Let’s Go.” 

Stephen Curry Is Doing His Best To Lead The Warriors To The Top Ten

Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors
Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors Source: CBS Sports

It is really looking tough for the Warriors to finish in the top ten this season. They might not make the play-in tournament even as Chandler Parsons lately predicted. But only if the trio Steph, Dray, and Klay can turn back the clock, the Dubs can see a chance.

Lately, the Warriors beat the 76ers after a Stephen Curry brilliance. The Dubs won 119-107 as Curry scored 37 points. However, the Warriors are still the 12th seed in the Western Conference. They need some luck to go their way. Only time can tell if the Dubs will make some smart moves before the trade deadline. 

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