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REPORTS: Oswaldo Cabrera Determined To Become The Super-Utility Man For The New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have faith in Oswaldo Cabrera. This 24-year-old man did not have a great sophomore season in 2023. But that’s alright. He was not the only one on the NY side who had a difficult season last year. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers did not perform as well as the fans wanted. On top of that, they had a lot of players struggling with inconsistency. Moreover, the Injured List was not doing them any good. The Bronx Bombers had a really long IL. Things went downhill when the captain had a freak accident at the Los Angeles Dodgers fence.

As a result, Aaron Judge could not play for 35 games on the trot. The captain’s absence for two straight months was a big blow to the Yankees. In the end, they failed to make the postseason. Since the offseason started, the NY side has made a lot of significant changes that should help them make the postseason this year. Currently, the outfield looks really good and promising. But the Yankees will certainly want the young guns firing on all cylinders this year. That applies to Oswaldo Cabrera, the rising super utility star of the Bronx Bombers.


What Makes Oswaldo Cabrera A Strong Candidate For The Super-Utility Role?

Oswaldo Cabrera Yankees
Oswaldo Cabrera Yankees Source: Elite Sports NY

The 24-year-old utility player wants to reclaim the position after a “Difficult” last season. He is looking to rebound in 2024. Oswaldo Cabrera is a pretty versatile player. He has played in every position, except, as a catcher and as a pitcher. That’s what makes him a strong candidate for the super-utility role. Moreover, Cabrera spent the offseason preparing for the 2024 season. With his brother, Leobaldo, Oswaldo played Winter ball in Venezuela and worked on his swing. Moreover, Cabrera is working on improving his hitting to secure a spot on the roster.

Specifically, Oswaldo is trying to improve his ability to play the fastball and start his swing as early as possible. Moreover, he decided to hit exclusively from the left side. It shows Cabrera’s commitment to adapt and grow as a player. Previously, Oswaldo had a great 2022 season, as he finished with 108 OPS+. But in 2023, he had an average of .211/.275/.299 over 115 games. Hence, it was an adverse situation for the young man as he found himself at a crossroads. But in 2024, Cabrera wants to use his adaptability skills to make a strong comeback.

The Super-Utility Player Can Become An Integral Part Of The Team’s Success

Oswaldo Cabrera Yankees
Oswaldo Cabrera Yankees Aaron Judge

Since the departure of Isiah Kiner-Falefa, the super-utility player’s role has been up for grabs on the Yankees roster. Now, the 24-year-old Cabrera is very well-prepared to take that role. He wants to make a mark on his team. Moreover, Cabrera has been improving his hitting, mastering fastballs, and also working on starting his swing earlier. But a significant change, Cabrera is willing to make is hitting exclusively from the left side.

This strategy might help him maximize his offensive potential. Moreover, he can be a formidable super-utility player. The fans will be eagerly looking at Cabrera’s performance in 2024. He has renewed his focus, got a positive attitude and is a versatile player. Moreover, the utility player is ready to make a lasting impact on the baseball world. As Oswaldo embraces the opportunity to evolve, he is poised to become an integral part of the Yankee’s success.

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