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REPORTS: New York Yankees Regaining Interest In Blake Snell Amid Roster Management!

The New York Yankees have been really very impressive in the offseason. Initially, they planned to make significant changes in the winter. And they really needed to bring reinforcements in every department. Albeit, they previously had pretty good depth in their bullpen. However, it was not enough to help the team reach the playoffs. In the end, the NY side could not make the postseason in 2023. But if that was not enough, then the Bronx Bombers finished with a terrible 82-80 record. It was the worst season in the last 32 years for the Yankees. Hence, both Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman suggested that significant changes were coming.

Moreover, Aaron Judge also mentioned earlier that the front office would try to build a team that can make it to the “Big Dance.” At present, it can be said that the Yankees did a pretty good job. The Bronx Bombers were able to land Juan Soto, Trent Grisham, and Alex Verdugo, making their offense and outfield really strong. Later, they signed Marcus Stroman to increase depth in the starting pitching group. However, it seems the offseason might not be over for the NY side yet. They might still look to land Blake Snell from the market. 


Can Yankees Finally Seal The Deal With Blake Snell?

Blake Snell Padres
Blake Snell Padres Source: CBS Sports

Recently, Bob Nightengale of USA Today mentioned that the NY Yankees still have serious interest in the two-time Cy Young winner. Previously, the Bronx Bombers offered the former San Diego Padres ace pitcher a six-year deal worth $150. However, Blake Snell turned the offer down because his agent, Scott Boras, said he was looking for a nine-year deal worth $270 million. But this asking price was too high for the Bronx Bombers. As a result, Brian Cashman turned to Marcus Stroman last month and signed him for a two-year deal worth $37 million. However, recently, Nightengale mentioned that the Yankees are still waiting to see if Snell and Boras will lower their asking price for a long-term deal.

If not, the NY side can also sign Blake Snell for a short-term deal that could be worth $35 million over a year. Previously, the front office signed former San Diego Padres superstar outfielder for a one-year deal. It was worth the sacrifice of their pitching resources because they really needed to bolster their offensive power. Both Juan Soto and Blake Snell are clients of Scott Boras. Moreover, the Spring Training is almost here and the catchers as well as pitchers are reporting already. Hence, the clock is ticking for Snell.

How Can Brian Cashman Bring Snell To The Bronx?

Brian Cashman, left, and Hal Steinbrenner, aim to lower the Yankees payroll so they do not have to pay a luxury tax.Credit…Kathy Willens/Associated Press

Most importantly, time is running out for both parties. If Snell can sign now with a new team, he can still get the whole spring to ramp up. On the other hand, the starting pitchers of the Bronx Bombers still look a bit shaky. They sacrificed so many resources in the offseason that now it really needs a boost. Blake Snell is the perfect choice to boost the starting rotation of the Yankees.

Since Cashman and Steinbrenner have shown interest in Snell for a while, they may have to come to terms with their negotiations. Moreover, the NY side can sign Blake Snell for a high AAV short-term deal. If a one-year contract is too short, the Bombers can seal the deal with a two-year contract worth $80 million. That would make both parties happy. It would really lower the financial risk of the New York Yankees.

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