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REPORTS: New York Yankees Still Open To Pursue Blake Snell! Set A Solid Deal To Secure The STAR

The New York Yankees commenced spring training last week, and the pre-season training is in full swing. However, the front office is still sorting out options to bolster the roster in any way possible. The big piece still available on the market is two-time CY Young awardee pitcher Blake Snell.

Blake Snell elected free agency after recording a CY Young season in 2023. However, even after considerable has passed this season, Snell remains without a contract in place. Yet, the pitcher refuses to lower his ridiculous demands. Amid the buzz, it seems the New York Yankees have yet to put a foot down in the most sought-after pursuit.


Yankees Have An Offer On Table For Blake Snell!

Blake Snell Padres
Blake Snell Padres Source: CBS Sports

The New York Yankees have been at a crossroads with Blake Snell this off-season. After an introductory offer was rejected, Snell’s market has stayed inactive. With so close to the season, it’s perennial for the pitcher to sign a deal as soon as possible or miss out on a whole season. However, the two-time Cy Young award-winning pitcher remains adamant about his $270 million ask, whereas the Bronx Bombers can only afford $150 million. That being said, the Yanks, contrary to the early reports, have not closed the doors on Snell. Earlier, it was believed that Hal Steinbrenner had asked Brian Cashman to drop the pursuit with immediate effect as Snell was adamant about his hefty request.

Meanwhile, fresh reports coming from several MLB insiders suggest that the New York Yankees have an offer on the table for Blake Snell in case he changes his mind. Additionally, the pitcher’s agent, Scott Boras, has issued a counteroffer to the Bombers front office. That being said, if Yankee insiders are to be believed, the possibility of Yanks signing Snell this off-season is not impossible but also not certain. Overall, the Bombers’ curious pursuit of Blake Snell remains a mysterious aspect. While the Yanks’ interest in Snell is clear, the question remains whether they will be able to strike a deal with the pitcher being so stubborn and adamant about his ask. Also, the club’s starting rotation needs have been addressed with Marcus Stroman’s signing. Still, Cashman is open to exploring options that fit into their criteria and financial capability.

‘Our Time Is Now’ Brian Cashman Fire Up Yanks Ahead Of 2024 Season

Brian Cashman Yankees
Brian Cashman Yankees Source: MLB.com

The New York Yankees began pre-season preparations for the upcoming 2024 MLB season. Ahead of the scheduled opening day series against Houston Astros, general manager Brian Cashman sent a quick motivating message to inject a sense of urgency into the roster. “Our time is here and now. We need to win now, and we need to win this year,” Cashman said.

Brian Cashman further added that there will be no excuses this season. The 2024 year is the club’s best chance at attaining a World Series championship. Having said that, barring a couple of setbacks, the Bronx Bombers have begun spring training on a positive note. In an ideal world, the 27-time world champions should be able to make a deep postseason run.

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