Giancarlo Stanton Yankees
Giancarlo Stanton Yankees Source: ESPN

The New York Yankees had an awful season in 2023. They would like to forget it as soon as possible. Aaron Boone became the Yankees manager in 2018. Under Boone, the Yankees used to make the postseason. But they never really would go the distance. However, failing to make the postseason is a new low for Boone’s Yankees team. Nevertheless, the players would try to make the most use of the offseason.

Some players like spending time with their families, and others like traveling. Among them, Giancarlo Stanton, a Yankees slugger, is an avid world traveler. He might want to visit some foreign land this winter. But there is one place Stanton would likely visit this offseason the “Lab.” It won’t be more of an exquisite destination for Giancarlo Stanton, but he might as well give a visit to that place.


Why The Yankees Hitter Must Visit The Lab?

Giancarlo Stanton Yankees
Giancarlo Stanton Yankees Source: WFSB

Like several players on the Yankees side, Stanton, too, had a terrible season this year. He had a career-low .191 and hit 24 homers. On top of that, Stanton hit another career low with a .695 OPS. Hence, a visit to the lab is necessary for Stanton. He would like to make the necessary changes to his game so that he can start contributing to the team’s success again. Giancarlo Stanton would like to be the impactful slugger he once was again. Recently, Stanton told the media that there will be a lot of changes in the lab during the offseason. He also mentioned how bad the season has been for him personally.

Additionally, the Yankees slugger mentioned that they will look at every little detail and particulars. As per Stanton, the most important thing to do in the offseason is to get a good game plan for the next season. Moreover, Giancarlo Stanton is 33 years old. Still, the Yankees owe him $98 million for the next four years. Recently, Aaron Boone talked about Stanton, saying that it has been a disappointing season for him. Nevertheless, the Yankees manager feels Stanton still has what the team expects from him in the center of their lineup. Apparently, both Aaron Judge and Aaron Boone have faith in Stanton’s abilities. They believe he has the right mind and focus on the game.

Drew Thorpe Wins Pitching Prospect Of The Year

Drew Thorpe Yankees
Drew Thorpe Yankees Source:

On the other hand, Monday night saw the first-ever Minor League Baseball Award show. Moreover, a top prospect for the Yankees grabbed a special honor at this ceremony. Drew Thorpe of the Yankees edged out Cade Horton of the Cubs and Robby Snelling of the Padres to win the MiL Pitching Prospect Of The Year. Moreover, Thorpe is a right-handed pitcher. At present, he is the overall No.5 prospect as per MLB Pipeline.

As the most successful team in the league’s history, the aim should always be to win the World Series. But it has been over a decade since the Bronx Bombers could call themselves World Champions. However, things keep changing for the worse instead of the better for the NY side. Since 2016, it has been for the first time that the 27-time World Series champions failed to make the postseason.