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REPORTS: New York Yankees Are “Still Talking” With Blake Snell

The New York Yankees have been so close to signing the best-starting pitcher available in free agency. They could sign the biggest international free agent coming to MLB for the first time. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers were even the favorites to sign Yoshinobu Yamamoto. However, at the last minute, the Los Angeles Dodgers stole the Japanese ace away from the NY side. Moreover, the 27-time champions even offered the multiple-time Sawamura winner a pretty good deal of $300 million over ten years. But Yamamoto said he does not prefer the East Coast. Hence, he signed with the Dodgers, who offered him two years and $25 million more.

The Yankees did not want to go beyond Gerrit Cole’s contract of $324 million. Anyway, after losing Yamamoto to the Dodgers, the Yankees looked for the next best thing available in free agency. That’s Blake Snell, who is a two-time Cy Young winner. The Sawamura award is equivalent to the Cy Young. Apparently, the Yankees offered a good deal to Snell. However, the former San Diego Padres ace pitcher refused the Pinstripes. It is because his asking price is a bit too high. However, it seems the discussion is still going on after all this time. 


Are The Yankees Still Thinking About Signing Blake Snell?

Credit: Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

Recently, Jon Heyman of the New York Post mentioned that the Yankees and Blake Snell are still in touch. Apparently, the Bronx Bombers are still thinking about it. They made an offer earlier. But Heyman believes it was not a contract worth $150 million. Blake Snell’s agent Scott Boras said the ace pitcher is looking for a nine-year deal worth $270 million. However, it was no good for the Yankees because they had their luxury taxes to take care of. But Heyman said the Bombers are trying to work on it. The MLB insider thinks the 27-time champions may have offered a five-year deal.

But it was not for $150 million. Heyman is not sure about the exact figure. Moreover, the New York Post writer said they stopped talking for a second. But then they restarted the discussion. They are just trying to figure out a way to make both parties happy. Perhaps Blake Snell is trying to get a deal like Cody Bellinger (another Scott Boras client). It is a bridge deal over three years with an opt-out after the first season. However, Jon Heyman believes, so far, the Yankees “Aren’t loving the idea.” 

Perhaps The Two-Time Cy Young Winner Is Meant To Sign Elsewhere

Blake Snell Padres
Blake Snell Padres Source: CBS Sports

The discussion between the client of Scott Boras and the New York Yankees have been going on for a long time. It seems to be taking forever. There are other teams like the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Angels who showed interest in the two-time Cy Young winner. However, top Yankees players like Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge hinted that they want the Yankees to sign Snell.

Moreover, in an ideal world, by this time, the NY side would have already signed Blake Snell. On top of that, he would have pitched for the Yankees in the upcoming season. But the asking price is too high. And even though both parties seem to have an interest in each other, the likeliest option is for Snell to sign elsewhere. 

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