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CHECKOUT: New York Yankees Getting Rave Reviews For Their Roster Additions

The New York Yankees have been through a lot of ups and downs since last season. Last year was like a wake-up call for the NY side. They realized it was high time to make some significant changes on and off the field. It was terrible for the Bronx Bombers to finish the season with an 82-80 record. They were barely able to maintain the streak of winning seasons. For the first time since 2016, the 27-time champions failed to make the postseason. They were struggling with a lack of superstars in their team.

Moreover, back in the days of the Evil Empire, the Yankees never had to worry about a lack of superstars in their roster. After all, the big names used to wear the pinstripes at least once in their career. But 2023 gave the fans some worrying signs of a total collapse of the organization. However, the new additions to the organization since the offseason raised the hopes of the Yankees Faithful yet again. As usual, the NY side looks great on paper again. Even the rival MLB executives praised Brian Cashman for his moves this offseason. 


Rivals Say Yankees Look “Pretty” Good At Present

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Last November, Brian Cashman said they are “pretty” good as an organization during the GM Meetings at Scottsdale, Arizona. There was even a controversy when Cashman said they have the “Smallest analytical department in the AL East.” He faced a fair share of guffaws in his own franchise. However, his comment on the team being “Pretty good” was not something that caused a lot of outrage as such. As the spring training is going on, the Yankees indeed look good. Recently, in Tampa, an American League executive who’s a rival of the Yankees and does not really praise the Pinstripes agreed with Cashman, saying, “They are ‘pretty’ good.”

According to Newsday’s Erik Boland, one National League bench coach said via phone that the Yankees lineup is “Scary Good” if they all stay on the field. Similar responses came from dugout personnel, talent evaluators, and rival team executives about the NY side quite early in the current spring training. Moreover, Cashman and the front office believe the team never had a better depth. And they have the tools to make it to the World Series. Only if they can stay healthy, they will be unstoppable. Moreover, experts believe the top prospects of the Bronx Bombers are all future “Big-Leaguers.” 

Can The Pinstripes Win Their 28th World Series In 2024?

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Juan Soto Aaron Judge Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Most importantly, the addition of the best hitter in baseball changed everything around for the Yankees. Now, the Yankees have a great offense with Aaron Judge and Juan Soto ahead of the 2024 regular season. Moreover, the NY side hired a new hitting coach, James Rowson. He has been twice before with the team’s minor league sides. He has a pretty good rapport with Judge.

Hence, it is a promising move on Cashman’s part. Besides Juan Soto, the Yankees have two more quality lefty outfielders, Alex Verdugo and Trent Grisham. Moreover, the Yankees signed Marcus Stroman for a two-year deal. It was a pretty good addition to the team’s depth in their starting pitchers group. 

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