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The New York Yankees had Anthony Volpe make his MLB debut last year. This rookie showed a lot of promise. However, the team and fans could expect to see him work on his offensive skills more. But nevertheless, Volpe surprised every New York fan as he became the first rookie to finish with a 20-20 season. He hit over 20 home runs and had over 20 steals in 2023. No other rookie in the NY side’s history managed to do that. Moreover, Volpe was one of the only good things that happened last season for the Yankees.

Otherwise, the 2023 season was a tremendous shame for the 27-time champions. The fans have been waiting a long time since 2009 to see their beloved team make it to the “Big Dance.” But last season was the worst for the franchise in the last 30 years. They finished with a terrible 82-80 season. Moreover, the Yankees could barely maintain the streak of winning seasons. Since then, the Bronx Bombers have made some crucial changes to their roster. But the fans really hope to see the last year’s rookie perform even better than last year as the team’s new shortstop. 


Can Anthony Volpe Play A Crucial Role In The Yankees Journey To Their 28th World Series Win?

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Since Derek Jeter retired, the shortstop position of the NY Yankees has been seeing a void. After all, he was one of the game’s most charismatic leaders. But the new shortstop Anthony Volpe can be the center of attention in the upcoming season. Last year, he impressed everybody with a 20-20 season. He also won the Gold Glove. But he needs to work on his offensive skills. Moreover, the question is if Volpe can fight through the excessive criticism that came towards him since last year. Despite the criticism, Volpe became the first Yankee rookie to win a Gold Glove.

Later, he credited his teammates for the huge honor. Throughout the whole highs and lows of the rookie campaign, Volpe showed a lot of resilience and skills. Now, the question everybody wants to ask Volpe is if he can forge a legacy in a spot that’s extremely difficult to fill. Moreover, the Yankees don’t really have an alternative for the shortstop role. That’s why Volpe becomes even more pivotal to the team’s success from hereon. The Yankees have a lot of stars on the team. But their strength lies with emerging talents like Volpe as well.

Volpe Is The Future Star Of The Bronx Bombers 

Anthony Volpe and Derek Jeter smile and pose for a photo. via NYY “X”

Anthony Volpe impressed the fans with his speed. He can sprint at 28.3 feet per second. Moreover, he showed smartness in the case of his base running. Adding to that, Volpe’s quick thinking makes a lot of difference. Also, he is a pretty good reader of the game. He showed promise with his approach at the plate. Moreover, he displayed his power as well. However, what worries the team and fans is his strikeout rate, as well as his off-speed pitches.

Anthony Volpe embodies the future generation of the 27-time champions. Currently, they are at a crossroads moving forward with hopes of becoming World Champions once again. The aspirations not only hinge on the established stars, like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Young guns like Volpe and Jasson Dominguez need to deliver as well.

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