Mercedes W14

Last year, Mercedes saw one of the most horrifying years in terms of their car development. From the very start of the 2022 season, the Silver Arrows faced the proposing problem. The time to find the solution of the problem ate almost half of their session. And by the time they came forward to make some good advances, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen had already clinched the world champion title. 

Let Bygones Be Bygones! Now we are in another F1 Season, which is set to commence with its first race on March 05, 2023. Currently, all the teams are busy with the final deployment of this year’s challenger cars. Some of them have already unveiled their F1 cars, and a few of them are left to show their 2023 cars to the world. From the second category, Mercedes is all set to introduce their brand new challenger for the 2023 season, W14, on February 15. And as per recent reports, their F1 challenger is catching a newfound force, way more than the previous year. 


Mercedes’ W14 Detecting Double-Digit Increase In Horsepower

As part of the reliability updates, it looks like the Silver Arrows have unlocked a ‘double-digit’ gain in horsepower for its W14 F1 car. Last year also, the Bracley-based team had a good hold on the car in terms of reliability. There were only two instances where the Mercedes drivers’ were disqualified from the Grand Prix race citing the mechanical problem. However, the one thing they lacked was the top-end ability that made it the most potent on the grid.

But looks like the development team of Mercedes’ engineers has finally got a hold of that as well. Generally, they can make improvements to their power systems by using reliability upgrades. By these updates, the power unit’s ability to deploy for longer and operate at higher power levels gets increased. And it seems like the Silver Arrows worked in that area to make the upcoming W14 a grand success. 

And that is why it is expected that the Mercedes’ power unit this season could see a double-digit horsepower jump. 

Toto Wolff Explains The Advantage Of Power Gain

Talking about the possible sensational upgrade, Mercedes’ boss Toto Wolff has mentioned some aspects of the same. According to the chief, if they accurately achieve the performance the team is expecting thus far, Mercedes can easily challenge the front-runners of the grid in the upcoming season. 

Mercedes' boss Toto Wolff
Mercedes’ boss Toto Wolff

However, he also noted that they can not take anything for granted now. This is because the gaps that existed at the end of last season could also be confirmed for Mercedes. So now, what fans can do is wait for the commencement of the upcoming Formula One season to witness what mega upgrade Mercedes is able to achieve, which might possibly lead Lewis Hamilton’s team to success, or maybe his eighth world champion title.