Mercedes driver duo Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have endured a hard time for the past two seasons. After the 2021 heartbreak, the team’s revolutionary zeropod concept change called upon a disaster. It’s been two seasons, and still, the Silver Arrows are picking up the mess. Thus, in 2024, something will surely give.

With a mere four rounds left on the calendar, Mercedes has more or less given up on the 2023 season. It would be the first time in the past decade or so that the Brackley-based team will close down a season without a single win. Nevertheless, the team is determined to reclaim the lost dominance in 2024, and accordingly, the British driver duo has been making substantial efforts.


Lewis Hamilton & George Russell Playing A Key Role In W15’s Development!

Credit: PlanetF1

James Allison, the newly transferred chief technical director of Mercedes, earlier revealed how he has stopped working on the modification on W14 to shift focus on W15’s development completely. The idea is to start the 2024 season on the right foot. That goal will require the sweat and energy of each personnel associated with the car development, including the drivers. Allison recently revealed that Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have been kind enough to take out a valuable chunk of their leisure time for the team. The technical director believes that during race weekends, it’s not ideal to seek time for feedback from drivers since the environment is highly competitive.

The drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, also understand this situation. Thus, the duo has been providing valuable feedback from the comfort of their homes in a much cooler environment. “It’s proved helpful for ranking the problems they have. And for seeing the opportunities and just making sure that the things we are working on are well aligned with what they’re describing,” added Allison. Even Hamilton recently visited Mercedes’ factory back in Brackley to overlook the development of the brand new W15. Having said that, one thing is certain: the Silver Arrows are dead serious about getting back on the competitive side in 2024. The past struggles have been a lesson to bounce back stronger than ever. Let’s hope the Brackley-based team returns to the front of the grid next year.

Mercedes To Have A Conceptually Brand New Car In 2024!

James Allison

Meanwhile, James Allison spilled beans on the structure of the W15. He says that the machinery would be brand new with regard to concept. It’s plausible that Mercedes will bring out a completely different car, something the sport has never witnessed before. While Allison refrained from providing further details, he did say that W15 will be designed keeping the 2026 regulation change in mind.

Mercedes is looking to get the car for the 2024 season right so that it helps them align with the 2026 regulation change. Also, James Allison added that generating performance from a new concept car is relatively easier. Thus, the team is looking at a much-improved performance in 2024 and maybe contest the Red Bulls at some stage. Undoubtedly, the upcoming winter will remain crucial for the Brackley-based team.