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The Los Angeles Lakers had a dramatic 2022-23 NBA season. After slumping at the bottom of the Western Conference, the team ended up playing in the conference finals in March. Eyeing the season trajectory, the year was surely a hit. Thus, LA would look to capitalize on the momentum into the upcoming season to cross the finish line finally.

Lakers will begin their 2023-24 season campaign against West rivals and defending championship, the Denver Nuggets. However, ahead of the season opener, the team’s pillars of strength and superstar duo were disrespected massively in recent NBA rankings. Will this affect their morale? Or will it act as an added motivation? Let’s explore.


Lakers Dynamic Duo Sits Out Of Top 10 In Recent Ringer NBA Ranking!

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In a surprising turn of events, the most recent NBA player rankings issued by the Ringers have left Lakers fans disappointed. While LeBron James and Anthony Davis are undoubtedly two of the league’s elite players, they were ranked lower than expected. LeBron, often considered one of the greatest of all time, was ranked outside the top ten at no.12. On the other hand, Anthony Davis, known for his versatility and dominance on both ends of the court, also received a ranking that raised eyebrows. He, too, ended up outside the top ten at no.11. While it’s still unclear why the formidable duo were placed so low, it’s plausible that their injury history might have had a hand in it. Both James and Davis only featured in 55 and 56 games, respectively, last season.

Their absence certainly affected the Lakers’ overall championship run. Having said that, the dynamic duo did stay put for the playoffs, which was a commendable effort. Thus, the lower rankings would only serve as extra motivation for James and Davis as they are not new to criticism. LeBron, despite touching “Father’s Time,” is still as good as any prime player. On the other hand, AD recently discovered his ability to dominate both ends of the court. That flexibility will come in handy with LA in the upcoming 2023-24 NBA season. Overall, the fans mustn’t lose confidence in the formidable duo, as the rankings are highly subjective. The true picture would only be revealed once the season kicks in next week. For now, the purple and gold will remain one of the top contenders for the championship.

LeBron James-Anthony Davis To Be Seen In New Roles Next Season!


Meanwhile, Lakers formidable duo will have new roles in the 2023-24 NBA season. LeBron James, soon turning 39, will be playing his 21st NBA season. Thus, to manage his workload, LA is planning to cut down his total minutes on the court. Moreover, since James is 38, he will be exempted from the new NBA star’s playtime rule.

On the other hand, Anthony Davis has urged the Lakers to reconsider his role as a full-time center. He has apparently asked for reinforcements in the center so that he wouldn’t have to play five during the regular season. LA seems to have obliged the request as they added Christian Wood to the roster at the last minute. This suggests that fans may see Davis splitting his time between center and forward this coming season.