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REPORTS: Lewis Hamilton Claims Mercedes Will Win More Titles In The Future

Sir Lewis Hamilton made Mercedes a powerhouse in Formula One. Without the great Briton, it was quite impossible for them to reach such heights. Before the former McLaren racer joined the team in 2013, it was not looking like winning any title. Albeit, Michael Schumacher made a famous return to the sport in 2010-2011. He drove the car of the German team. But the legendary German racer was not able to help Mercedes look like a championship-worthy team. Thanks to another legendary racer, Niki Lauda, who convinced the great British racer to join the Silver Arrows in 2013. Since 2014, Hamilton and the new team principal, Toto Wolff, successfully converted the team to a new powerhouse.

Lewis Hamilton dominated the whole turbo-hybrid era. From 2014 to 2021, he helped Mercedes win eight constructor championships. Moreover, Hamilton himself won six Driver’s World championships, adding to his maiden title with McLaren. However, the glory days of Hamilton and Mercedes had to come to an end someday. And it did. Since 2022, the German team managed to win only one race. On the other hand, Hamilton remained winless. As a result, the seven-time champion racer decided to part ways. He will race for Ferrari from 2025. However, Hamilton still believes Mercedes can win more titles in the future. 


Lewis Hamilton Sees Bright Future For Mercedes Winning More Titles

Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes Source: Eurosport

The seven-time champion will start his final season with Mercedes this week in Bahrain. When Hamilton announced his move to Ferrari, he kind of shocked everyone in the F1 world. It raised the question if Hamilton thinks Mercedes is not good enough to win more titles. Later, Lewis Hamilton clarified during the driver’s press conference ahead of the opening grand prix in Bahrain. He sure believes the German team has the ability to get back on top. Moreover, Lewis mentioned that the “Option” to join Ferrari came in the New Year. He added that everything kind of turned upside down in January.

Moreover, Hamilton mentioned that he had a lot of time alone to think about it. He said it was essential to ensure he was doing his due diligence and making the right decision for himself. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton said he’s excited for the current season. He knows that the Mercedes team will win again. It will make him proud to know that he played a part in their success. Moreover, Hamilton talked about the importance of diversity they have put in recently. Finally, Hamilton said that he’ll always be part of the team’s diversity in the long haul. 

The Seven-time Champion Is Looking Forward To The Next Challenge

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Irish Mirror

Lewis Hamilton feels like he has made the right decision. He is full of excitement for the future. Moreover, the great Briton knows that he will be part of Mercedes’s development process in the long haul. He added that there will be a lot of emotions to go through the challenge. But nevertheless, he’s excited about it.

Finally, Hamilton mentioned that it does not matter if the Mercedes 2024 Challenger is a championship-winning car. It won’t have anything to do with how he feels about the next stage of his career. Moreover, Hamilton said it is always about the new chapter in his life. He believes he has done everything he could do with the Mercedes team. 

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