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Mercedes launched challenger W13, which was built around the current ground effects regulation, back in 2022. However, the change of regulations worked in their favor and put an end to their decade-long dominance. The team could only manage a single win in Brazil and witnessed a downward trajectory ever since.

The Silver Arrows apparently chose to stick with the flawed concept in the following year as they saw potential after George Russell’s maiden win. However, the decision proved to be their biggest mistake to date. That being said, recalling the tough season, Lewis Hamilton disclosed how W13’s true potential wasn’t met due to incessant bouncing issues.


Lewis Hamilton Claims Mercedes Took Out 90 Points On Downforce Of W13 To Fix Bouncing!

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
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When Mercedes unveiled their supposed revolutionary Zerodpod concept-based W13, critics called it an aggressive gamble that could go either way. Unfortunately, the concept ended up being the worst mistake in the franchise’s history. Since the current ground effects regulations were imposed, the Silver Arrows have managed only a single in across two seasons. That being said, the Brackley-based team’s lead driver, Lewis Hamilton, made a startling revelation recently. He said W13’s true potential wasn’t met due to bouncing issues. Hamilton claimed the team comprised on lap time to ensure minimum ride height is maintained and bouncing is limited to the bare minimum. Lewis also disclosed that his team took out 90 points of downforce off W13 to ensure stability.

“We had downforce, but we couldn’t utilize it because the thing was going and bouncing,” said Lewis Hamilton. The Briton revealed how the failure to unleash W13’s true potential led to frustration among the engineers. While Red Bull cracked the antidote to the bouncing issues, Mercedes’ wasn’t proactive enough, and that led to a disastrous season. That being said, the team’s bouncing issue still hasn’t been resolved. Despite ditching the spiteful concept, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell encountered instability during the initial few races of the 2024 season. And to the fans’ dismay, team principal Toto Wolff has no answers as to what the leading cause of the persistent problem is. Overall, the year 2024 will be a long and challenging one for Silver Arrows as they struggle to regain competitiveness at the front of the grid.

Lewis Hamilton Expects No Respite Amid A Challenging Final Year At Silver Arrows!

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
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Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is currently in his final year at Mercedes after having signed a multi-year contract with Ferrari earlier this year. However, Hamilton is unlikely to attain a fairytale ending as the Silver Arrows woes refuse to end despite two back-to-back challenging seasons.

This year as well, the W15 has failed to unlock desired potential and race pace. The car is fundamentally flawed and highly inconsistent. Amid growing frustration, Lewis Hamilton fears a long and tough season. He confessed feeling lost and demotivated. All Lewis is trying to do now is to keep his head above the water and train himself to be ready when the car is fixed.

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