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The ugly power struggle brewing inside Red Bull Racing camp is nothing short of a time bomb waiting to explode. The cracks have only widened since Christian Horner was accused of sexual misconduct by a female employee. It served as an opportunity for the divided camp to oust their counterpart out from the organization.

Furthermore, to Red Bull Racing’s misfortune, the CEO and team principal Christian Horner and three-time world champion Max Verstappen appear on the opposite side. With the internal politics growing with each passing day, Verstappen camp reportedly met with the energy drink company’s majority stakeholders to take a firm stand.


Max Verstappen Cannot Work With Red Bull Boss Christian Horner Anymore!

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Red Bull Racing has been divided into two halves since Christian Horner’s sexual misconduct saga unfolded earlier this year. The driving force of the team’s dominance, Max Verstappen, appeared on the other side of Horner when he publicly backed Helmut Marko in his feud with the drink manufacturer’s leadership. Moreover, Max’s dad, Jos Verstappen, went on record to say how Horner’s stay would destroy the team in the future as he is the center of all the problems. That being said, after the Dutch driver issued his public support to Marko, stating how his future is tied to the 80-year-old, rumors of his premature exit from the camp have gained momentum. While Verstappen’s contract extends until 2028, the power struggle could force him out early, as many critics believe.

To further add fuel to the drama, German media recently reported that Max Verstappen camp and Christian Horner were summoned by Red Bull’s Thai majority owners in Dubai earlier this week. As if the rumors are to be believed, Verstappen’s manager Raymond Vermeulen’s message to the Thai owners was simple: if Horner stays, they mustn’t expect Verstappen to cooperate. The manager insisted that the team principal and reigning champion could no longer work together under the same roof. They either sack Horner or witness Max bid farewell before his contract expires in 2028. If this rumor holds ground, Red Bull could find itself in a deep mess. While they believe Christian Horner is the ultimate brain behind the team’s dominance, losing a fierce driver like Max Verstappen could prove to be devastating as not every driver can sustain in that RB series.

Toto Wolff Pencils Max Verstappen Front Runner For Mercedes’ Second Seat!

Toto Wolff, Max Verstappen, Christian Horner

Mercedes has a seat to fill for the 2025 season, as Lewis Hamilton will be donning the red overalls next year. That being said, team principal Toto Wolff is taking his time to sort out all options. And given the recent shakedown in Red Bull, he sees an opening to land Max Verstappen.

In a recent interview, Toto Wolff admitted that he has a few names on the radar. But the ultimate decision relies on what Max Verstappen decides for his future. Until the Dutch driver is fully out of contention, Toto Wolff will wait before approaching any other driver on the market for the second Mercedes seat.

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