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REPORTS: Lakers Aiming For Austin Reaves & Kyrie Irving Together Despite Huge Pay Grade

Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Lakers are now down 0-3 in the final series of the Western Conference. The two of the best team has come through a long season and now giving their last bit for a hand at the title. It has been a rough few years for LA since they could not enter the playoffs. And after two consecutive seasons, LeBron’s team got the opportunity to showcase his gameplay in the playoffs. Therefore, they would want to give their best for the title this year. However, they only have one chance and a slip from here would take them to the next season.

Although the Lakers performed well from the mid-Feb, many loopholes were left for the opponents to breach. Many players that the Lakers thought would be a good pairing turned out differently. Signing new and better players will help them get a better start to the season for another shot at the final. And with 0.3% chances, the Lakers should now start thinking about the next season. So what do you think? Which of the current players will stay, and who all be the target for LA in 2023-24? Keep reading to know some of LA’s future plans for the title next year.


Los Angeles Lakers Want Mavericks’ Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving to The Lakers
Kyrie Irving (Dalla Mavericks)

Coach Darvin Ham’s team has reached for the 8-time All-star before during the regular season, but he slipped from them. However, the upcoming offseason and start of the new season will bring another chance for the Lakers. Their plan is clear to make a big three once again, including LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Kyrie Irving. And Brian Windhorst of ESPN believes that it can be done, and the team could also retain Reaves along with him.

It would take a little bit of maneuvering, and Kyrie would probably have not to take the max, or they would have to work on something with Dallas, but they can get there,” said Brian. He also set a disclaimer saying that they should not prioritize both Reaves and Kyrie. Although it is possible to keep them both, they will run the risk of becoming the team like last year.

The Lakers also signed two new addition named, Jarred Vanderbilt and Rui Hachimura. So according to Windhorst, it will be interesting to see how LA will strategize trading and getting new players. What players will they be keeping, and who will they let go?

Austin Reaves Hoping For An Humungous Increase In Pay

Austin Reaves
Austin Reaves (Lakers)

If one has been following the Lakers campaign this season, he could not have missed the 24-year-old in the team. Austin Reaves has become a crucial part of the team because of his enormous contributions. He has been exceptional in his first playoff run in the NBA, not just in the regular season. And since he also fills the role that Russell was expected to fill, he becomes an in-demand youngster among many teams.

However, Austin’s hype rise could make the Lakers pay him more than they would want to. According to NBA pundits, at least one team will offer the young guard more than LA could provide. And the team will have no option but to pay him.