Lakers, Anthony Davis, Darvin Ham
Anthony Davis. Source – (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

The Los Angeles Lakers have dropped another game in the Western Conference finals series. It was their third consecutive defeat against the Denver Nuggets, who have owned their rivals big time. They are now on the brink of elimination with a third consecutive loss in the series. After the big thrashing loss, LA players said that they would bring a better game in game 3, but it was not enough to score the win. And now the player will have enormous pressure on their shoulder to survive in the title race.

The LA squad had a grueling journey filled with a roller coaster ride to come up to the finals. But their efforts will all come crashing down in the next game. Denver Nuggets have been exceptionally well in their attack, and the Lakers have still been unable to crack them. This has been the major reason why Darvin Ham‘s team lost three consecutive games in the series. Now, with one more loss at the hands of the Nuggets, LeBron James will lose all his chances to put his hands on the trophy. But Anthony Davis has not lost all his hopes as he still believes that taking one game at a time philosophy should get them through.


Can The Lakers Bounce Back?

LeBron James‘ team has had the messiest start to the series against the Nuggets, the top team on their table. Otherwise, LA was doing good. They were better against the former champions, and they also put the Grizzlies to bed in just six games. All this build-up brought back the excitement of winning the title back to the Lakers fans.

However, all hopes have not died, as the Lakers still have a chance to make an astonishing comeback to the series. And so does the Lakers’ superstar belief. “Take it one game at a time. You know, come Monday, leave it out on the floor, and try to get a win. Take it to Game 5, Game 6, Game 7. That’s all you can really do,” said Anthony Davis. But the Lakers are really out of options this time. They either got to win all from here or accept a way out.

LA Only Has A Slim Chance

Lakers Vs Nuggets7

The Los Angeles Lakers have managed to turn the season around earlier in the season when nobody expected it to come this far. According to Anthony Davis, his teammates took it as a challenge upon themselves to impact the league from then. And similarly, the team would want to take this situation the same way.

Despite the losses in games 2 and 3, Davis tried to put in quality minutes to help his team. But they could not budge the Nuggets. Davis also accepted that the challenge of 3-0 is much steeper than the regular season. But winning four consecutive games is the only way out. And statistically, the Lakers only have a 0.3 chance to proceed into the final.