Juan Soto
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The New York Yankees’ fans regained their lost voice when the front office acquired superstar hitter Juan Soto via trade this off-season. In a bid to address outfield concerns, which were exposed during the 2023 season, NYY resorted to extreme means. We say extreme because the Yanks parted with a large number of major league candidates to land Soto.

The Padres received Michael King, Drew Thorpe, Randy Vasquez, Jhony Brito, and Kyle Higashioka in exchange for Juan Soto. However, the Yankees thought it was definitely worth it, considering the upside Soto brings to the hitting lineup. However, in a significant twist in the tale, an MLB analyst poured water on Yankee fans’ high expectations and showed them the hard-hitting reality.


Juan Soto’s Home Runs Count To Witness Dip In 2024, Says MLB Analyst Mike Petriello

Juan Soto

The New York Yankees’ sole reason behind trading Juan Soto on a one-year rental was to contest for the championship in 2024. General manager Brian Cashman confirmed that the focus is on winning in 2024 and not wondering about what the future holds. Thus, to fulfill the goal, NYY needs Soto to be at his absolute best with the bat next season. While the franchise, fans, and even Soto are excited to leave a profound impact in 2024, MLB analyst Mike Petriello isn’t too sure. While speaking on the Foul Territory podcast, Mike predicted that Soto will hit 32 home runs in the 2024 MLB season. That’s three down from what he slammed in 2023.

This year, Juan Soto posted a career-high 35 home run season with the San Diego Padres. Furthermore, Mike Petriello explained his point, saying the Yankee stadium’s short porch right field usually aids left-handed hitters but won’t work in the case of Soto. It’s because the outfielders tend to field shallow in the right, which will disallow left-handed batters like Soto to go for extra-base hits. Having said that, how much of Mike’s predictions hold true, only time will tell. But one thing is certain: the Yankees and their fanbase must keep their expectations in check with the 25-year-old generational talent. While there is no denying his insane hitting abilities, the fans must understand that adjusting to a new team environment is tough for players. The change of scenery may or may not work.

Yankees Ruled Out Of Cody Bellinger’s Sweepstakes!

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Before the New York Yankees landed Juan Soto, the team had eyes on securing breakout slugger Cody Bellinger. The former NL MVP had just rediscovered his old self with the Cubs in 2023 and recorded a breakout season. Moreover, with the left-handed hitter entering free agency this off-season, his stakes went up significantly.

Having said that, the Yankees were desperate at some point. But their plans switched once they landed Juan Soto via trade. Moreover, the addition of Alex Verdugo and Trent Grisham filled up the team’s outfield depth, thus leaving no space for Bellinger. Therefore, Joh Heyman ruled out the Yanks from the sweepstakes and named the Chicago Cubs as top suitors.