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REPORTS: George Russell Expects Mercedes To Treat Next Teammate With Equal Upgrades

George Russell has been a teammate of Sir Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes since 2022. That was the time when the Silver Arrows lost their grip on the title. Moreover, the young British racer shocked the fans as he went on to beat the seven-time champion in his debut season for the German team. On top of that, the W13 car had so many issues that did not help the drivers get the best results that they could have. Moreover, the porpoising issues caused too much bouncing, and as a result, Russell and Hamilton suffered back and neck pain along with some bruises. Despite these struggles, the two Mercedes drivers had a successful outing in Brazil in 2022.

But it was George Russell, in his debut season for the Silver Arrows, who got the best out of his teammate at Sao Paolo track. The young Briton won his maiden Grand Prix in Brazil back in 2022. Lewis Hamilton had a P2 finish that year. Since then, Mercedes has been winless. For more than two years, the seven-time champion remained winless. He is losing precious time to fulfill his desire to win the coveted eighth title. It hardly seems possible for Hamilton to do it in 2024. Next year, he will be driving for the iconic Ferrari team. Anyway, whoever comes as his replacement, George Russell expects Mercedes to continue treating their drivers with equal upgrades. 


George Russell Expects Mercedes To Maintain The Policy Of “Handing Out Equal Upgrades”

George Russell Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2JRN4KC Mercedes-AMG GT One, HAMILTON Lewis (gbr), Mercedes AMG F1 Team, RUSSELL George (gbr), Mercedes AMG F1 Team, portrait during the Formula 1 Rolex Belgian Grand Prix 2022, 14th round of the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship from August 26 to 28, 2022 on the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, in Francorchamps, Belgium – Photo Julien Delfosse / DPPI Credit: DPPI Media/Alamy Live News

According to Matt Kew of Autosport, Mercedes has avoided backing one driver since Lewis Hamilton joined the team in 2013. Even when it was Nico Rosberg, Valtteri Bottas, and, at present, George Russell, they received equal treatment. But next year, Lewis Hamilton will be leaving Mercedes after an epic collaboration of 11 years. There is a chance Fernando Alonso or Max Verstappen can replace the seven-time champion. After Ferrari ousted Carlos Sainz Jr. he is available too in the market. On the other hand, Mercedes can opt to promote their F2 protege Andrea Kimi Antonelli. Nevertheless, whoever replaces Hamilton, might get the same and equal treatment from the team, expects George Russell.

The Young Mercedes racer said the working relationship within the team with every member has not changed at all. He praised the team, saying they had been great and that they gave both Hamilton and him equal opportunities. That has always been the team policy from the outset. Moreover, Russell told Autosport that whenever upgrades come to their car, “It goes to both of us simultaneously.” But in other teams, it goes to one driver before going to their “Second driver.” Russell is sure that Mercedes will continue the same policy, “No matter who’s going to be my new teammate.” 

Is Max Verstappen Going To Be Russell’s New Teammate?

George Russell Max Verstappen Mercedes Red Bull
2J9D7WC VERSTAPPEN Max (ned), Red Bull Racing RB18, portrait RUSSELL George (gbr), Mercedes AMG F1 Team W13, portrait during the Formula 1 Pirelli Grand Premio de Espana 2022, 6th round of the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship, on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, from May 20 to 22, 2022 in Montmelo, Spain – Photo DPPI

Moreover, George Russell is looking forward to the challenge of having another big name as his teammate. Lewis Hamilton has been the most successful racer of all time. It would be hard to replace him. But Toto Wolff told Fox Sports Australia that Max Verstappen is extraordinary.

The Mercedes team principal has even gone on to record, saying, the Dutch racer is his number one pick for Hamilton’s replacement. Moreover, Toto Wolff feels his team can give the reigning three-time champion a car that’s a handful. Also, the car will be difficult to set up and drive. But the Mercedes boss is also confident enough to say that Max can drive this car as it is going really fast. Perhaps the Silver Arrows can decide on their driver’s lineup towards the summer. 

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