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REPORTS: Max Verstappen Hints At Potential Exit From Red Bull In The Future

Max Verstappen and Red Bull have enjoyed hegemony in the grid since 2022. Albeit, the Dutch racer won his maiden championship a year earlier, in 2021. Moreover, the Austrian outfit is still the most dominant team in the grid and looks like the favorite to win the constructor title for the third time on the trot. On top of that, the Dutch racer is on his way to winning his fourth title in a row. However, things have not been going great in the Red Bull camp because of an internal power struggle. Later, matters even worsened when a female employee of the Austrian outfit accused Christian Horner of “Inappropriate behavior.”

On top of that, Jos Verstappen said to the media that Christian Horner would tear the team apart. Later, the 80-year-old senior advisor Helmut Marko indicated that he could be suspended from the Austrian outfit. To address these issues, Max Verstappen said he is loyal to Marko, and if the old man leaves, he will, too. On top of that, the current triple-time champion said his dad, Jos, is not a liar. All these statements indicated that Max might leave Red Bull soon. Lately, the Dutch Driver clarified how his future with the team looks from here on. 


Max Verstappen Talked About The Current Situation In The Team

Christian Horner Max Verstappen Gianpiero Lambiase Red Bull
Christian Horner Max Verstappen Gianpiero Lambiase Red Bull Source: WTF1

Recently, in an interview with AD, a Dutch publication, Max Verstappen mentioned that nobody in the team is afraid of his potential exit at the moment. He thinks now the situation has calmed down a lot compared to what it was “Two weeks back.” Adding to that, the reigning three-time F1 champion stated that he does not read a lot like some other people. In general, Max thinks that might actually help him. Moreover, Verstappen advises people not to “Read it all” for a while. There are certain things that they can avoid from reading, as per the Dutch racer.

Moreover, for the team members, Max Verstappen said if any of them has any questions, “They can always call me.” Anyway, who knows how worse the situation could turn into? Previously, Christian Horner had said that nobody is bigger than the team. Clearly, he indicated to Max Verstappen after the latter claimed he is loyal to Helmut Marko. Anyway, about Verstappen’s potential exit, the Dutchman has a contract with the Austrian outfit that lasts till 2028. However, Horner mentioned if somebody wants to leave the team, a piece of paper can’t stop them.

Former Haas Boss Believes Things Have Calmed Down In Red Bull Quarter

Red Bull Car
Red Bull Car Source: Sky Sports

Lately, Guenther Steiner, the former team principal of Haas F1 team, told Sky Sports, that things have calmed down regarding Max Verstappen’s potential exit from the Austrian outfit. Moreover, the former Haas boss thinks it won’t be easy for Max to get out of his current contract. After the initial noise around Verstappen’s rumored exit, Steiner wonders, “What’s going on at Red Bull?”

At present, the former Haas team principal says it is a good team to drive for. Moreover, thinking about the Dutchman’s interest, Steiner feels if there is nothing too disturbing for Max Verstappen at Red Bull, personally, he might not want to move. However, Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss told Reuters that any team would love to “Do handstands to have Max Verstappen in the car.” Clearly, Mercedes is still looking to replace Lewis Hamilton with Max Verstappen in 2025. 

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