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The New York Yankees’ 2023 lackluster season forced the front office to initiate bold moves and cut loose ends. Thus, mid-season, the club began parting ways with multiple underperforming candidates. One such outfielder cut loose by Yanks was Aaron Hicks, arguably the most hated Yankee player of all time.

Aaron Hicks joined the Yankees back in 2016 and ended up spending eight years in the Bronx. However, his tenure was filled with injuries and inconsistencies. Meanwhile, this off-season, the outfielder entered free agency. And subsequently bagged a contract with a top AL-West contender. However, Hicks continues to be a liability for NYY despite his departure from the club.


Aaron Hicks Agrees To A One-Year Deal With LA Angels!

Aaron Hicks’ time in pinstripes has come to an end. (Tony Gutierrez/AP)

In May 2023, the New York Yankees designated troubled outfielder Aaron Hicks for assignment. After much drama over the outfielder’s role in the team, the team decided to cut him loose. The move was largely based on Hicks’ lack of impactful performances in the past several seasons. Moreover, the pressure from the fans was mounting with each passing day. Eventually, the Yanks decided to pull the plug for the good. Subsequently, AL-East rivals Baltimore Orioles signed him a few days later. Hicks witnessed a resurgence with the Orioles and won the division title. However, despite promising performance, the Orioles didn’t bring him back. Thus, the veteran had to enter free agency.

While Aaron Hicks’ market remained inactive for the longest time, LA Angels have apparently roped in the veteran in a short one-year deal. However, the specific details of the contract obligations and salary are not yet known to the fans. Meanwhile, though Hicks will now become a part of the Angels, he will continue to be a liability for the New York Yankees. As it stands, Hicks is still under the seven-year $70 million extension contract with the Yanks, which extends till the end of the 2025 season. Thus, NYY is obliged to pay $19 million to the outfielder across the next two seasons. Needless to say, a mistake from the front office’s end still continues to haunt the franchise years later. Now, the team has to pay a veteran player just to see him achieve great things for a rival team.

When Aaron Hicks Took An Indirect Dig At The Yankees!

Wendell Cruz / USA TODAY Sports

Days after landing with Baltimore Orioles last season, Aaron Hicks witnessed a resurgence. He quickly credited the Orioles’ coaching staff for being patient with him. The outfielder added how his new coaches figured out problems with his mechanics in just a few hours. On top of that, the veteran felt secure as pressure and burden were dropped off his shoulders.

Having said that, Aaron Hicks’ revelation took the Yankees fraternity by storm. Many targeted the coaching staff for neglecting Hicks’ issues. Not only that, some fans even called out Hicks for being ungrateful for his time in the Bronx. Regardless, both parties ended up being in a sound place after the break-up. While Hicks continued to fight for career survival, the Yankees entered a rebuilding phase this off-season.

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