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Aaron Hicks, once regarded as a reliable outfielder, witnessed turmoil in the Bronx. His second stint with the New York Yankees turned out to be an absolute nightmare. His average stood stagnant at .200 for seasons. Yet the team kept offering chance after chance, owing to his veteran status. However, the 2023 season is where things reached their peak.

Hicks was first denied a starting spot over a prospect named Oswaldo Cabrera. The move irked Hicks as he openly criticized the lack of miscommunication from the Yankees with regard to the true nature of his role within the team. After incessant criticism, the outfielder was cut off from the franchise mid-season. However, what unfolded next gave birth to a fresh debate among the MLB fans.


Fans Wonder If Aaron Hicks Failed To Channel His Skills With Yankees Owing To Ridiculously High Pressure

Aaron Hicks
The Orioles signed outfielder Aaron Hicks, pictured taking batting practice before Tuesday’s game, as a replacement for All-Star center fielder Cedric Mullins, who landed on the 10-day injured list. (Julio Cortez/AP)

Aaron Hicks was left wondering about his role within the New York Yankees during the first half of the season as the team kept on scuffling the roster. In limited chances, Hicks couldn’t produce any awe-inspiring moments, which forced the team to cut him off mid-season. After a painful association of eight years, the outfielder was released in July. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Yanks AL-East rivals, Baltimore Orioles. Orioles, in the middle of a rare breakout season, signed Hicks after losing Cedric Mullins to an injury. The change of scenery and uniform changed something in Hicks as he produced an immediate resurgence.

Suddenly, his hit ratio shot up, and the outfielder could draw more walks than ever while securing tough plays in the outfield. In 65 games with the Orioles, the OF hit .275 with seven homers, 31 RBIs and .806 OPS. Moreover, Aaron Hicks recently hit his first postseason homer on Sunday with the Orioles, which sparked a huge debate. MLB fans cannot help but wonder if the incessant pressure from the fans of New York is bringing out the worst in its players. Many fans noticed a trend where players have gone on to excel right after exiting the Bronx, such as Jordan Montgomery. Every trend points fingers in the same direction. However, the outraged Yankee fans hit back and said that Hicks did underperform in pinstripes. He had eight years to prove himself. Moreover, some even claim that the current surge with Orioles is nothing but a short-term thing that will fade out soon.

What Did Orioles Do To Bring Out The Best In Aaron Hicks?

Aaron Hicks was quick to make the New York Yankees gloat with his resurgence with the Baltimore Orioles. He further sparked a huge row by indirectly pointing fingers at his ex-team’s coaching staff. The outfielder said that in just a few days after he arrived at the Orioles, the coaches picked out a few areas of concern and suggested adjustment, which apparently did wonders.

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Not only that, Aaron Hicks also credited the Orioles staff for instilling confidence in him through constant reassurance and unwavering faith. Did the Yankees’ coaching staff fail to see those shortcomings? Or did they just impatiently ignore the OF? The answer to this burning question lies with Hicks and the Bombers coaching staff itself.