Red Bull VS Ferrari
Red Bull VS Ferrari Source: PlanetF1

Red Bull Racing achieved the highest standard of excellence in the 2023 F1 season. They finished with a near 100% win record and sealed the second consecutive constructors title. Additionally, drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez finished top two in the World Championship, with the former securing his third title.

Having said that, the key factor that aided Red Bull Racing’s dominant run was the lack of competitiveness of its rivals. Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren were miles away, battling in the mid-field. However, to end the drink-based outfit’s dominant and aggressive run in the future, the former F1 driver has urged the rivals to take extreme steps with their development.


Gerhard Berger Says F1 Rivals Must Take Radical Steps To Beat Red Bull!

Red Bull
Credit: Red Bull Racing

With the 2024 F1 season on the horizon, Red Bull Racing aims to extend its dominant run with the invincible RB series. The RB20 is supposedly stronger and more lethal compared to RB19. If this is the case, the drink-based outfit would be undefeatable. Meanwhile, former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger has suggested a plan of action for the rest of the pack to chase down the Bulls in the future. In a recent conversation with Auto Motor and Sport, Berger said Formula 1 is a demanding sport. The standards and bars of excellence are always high. Thus, the drink-based outfit’s current dominant run is dangerous for its rivals. “If Red Bull keeps its troops together like this, it will be difficult to catch up with them,” said Berger.

However, Gerhard Berger says the only ray of hope for the rivals is to take radical steps and think out of the box to topple Red Bull in the future. Not only that, but the former driver says the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren are very capable of producing a turnaround. They showcased the same during the 2023 season, when they managed to close the gap to an extent. Meanwhile, Berger also opined that such eras of dominance generate fascination amongst fans as they anticipate a breaking point. No team can sustain dominance for a long time, believes Berger, as he cited Michael Schumacher’s example to prove his point. “We already said in Schumacher’s time: This can’t go well for long,” said Gerhard Berger.

David Coulthard Fears Bleak Future Amid Red Bull’s Dominance

Max Verstappen

Meanwhile, former F1 driver David Coulthard has raised concerns over Red Bull Racings invincible dominant return. He says in sports, one looks for inspiration to grow and move forward. However, such long eras of dominance kind of take away the magic. “If one team is doing all that, then it doesn’t give enough hope for everybody,” said David Coulthard.

Having said that, the F1 community is divided by Red Bull Racing’s sheer dominance. Some believe it’s a part of motorsport, whereas some fear a drop in viewership due to a lack of enthusiasm. But overall, the dominant eras are nothing new, and fans are accustomed to it by now. Thus, as the 2024 season inches closer, the fans would expect close racing and intense fights between the top teams.

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