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REPORTS: Corbin Burnes A Perfect Trade Target For The New York Yankees In Free Agency?

The New York Yankees lost Corbin Burnes to the Baltimore Orioles this winter. As a result, the pitching department of the Orioles looks even better than before. The Baltimore franchise is the favorite to win the American League East division after what happened last year. However, the NY side looks really good after they made some significant changes in the offseason. Many New York fans believe the 27-time champions will make it 28 this year. But can they beat the Orioles in their division? Last year, the men in orange finished the regular season with the franchise’s best-ever record.

They had a tough competition with the Tampa Bay Rays to win the AL East. On the other hand, the Yankees finished fourth last year. That was a tremendous shame for the Yankees Faithful. But the Bronx Bombers addressed their concerns in the winter. Now, they look good enough to top the AL East. But the Orioles, in the meantime, got a pitcher they wanted in free agency. Corbin Burnes could have solved the starting pitcher issue the New York side is facing at the moment. The only ace pitcher they have is the 2023 AL Cy Young winner Gerrit Cole. That might be good enough. 


But How Good Burnes Is As An Option For The Yankees In Free Agency?

Brian Cashman Yankees GM
Brian Cashman Yankees GM Source: Fox News

As per the Yanks Go Yard, Corbin Burnes will test free agency next winter because he is a client of Scott Boras. Hence, it does not matter if he will have a lot of fun with the Orioles. Perhaps Corbin Burnes will consider a long-term deal rather than an Annual Average Value. Last season, the Milwaukee Brewers tried to devalue Burnes in arbitration. Hence, he lost all interest in staying with the Brewers. Since then, he has not been looking for the “Fun” of testing free agency. But the Yanks Go Yard presumes that he will look to sign one last long-term deal of his playing career.

And that’s where the Bronx Bombers come in. Moreover, the Yankees might avoid short-term tax raisers. The thing that they do best is spreading a contract out to minimize the Annual Average Value. Perhaps the NY side will look at the six-year deal of DJ LeMahieu. Moreover, the Yankees will discuss extending his contract with Scott Boras. The Yanks Go Yard presumes that during those conversations, Brian Cashman can talk about Corbin Burnes as well. Then, there is a chance that the NY side will have an inside track as they have a very specific contract strategy.

Baltimore’s Excitement About Burnes Can Prove To Be An Obstacle For Cashman

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Clearly, Corbin Burnes wants to enter free agency not more than once. Already, Scott Boras is keeping his top two pitching clients, Jordan Montgomery and Blake Snell, hanging in the free agency market. Next winter, there might be one more addition to that list with Burnes.

He might not be a free agent for long next winter if the Orioles realize he is a priority for them. And then they will wrap up the conversation quickly. There is a chance that the RHP might become an integral part of the young powerhouse. Then, the Baltimore team won’t let Burnes move anywhere else.

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