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CHECKOUT: Damon Hill Explains Why Lewis Hamilton Can’t Back Off In Final Mercedes Season

Sir Lewis Hamilton will drive for the iconic Ferrari team starting in 2025. This year will be his last with Mercedes. He joined the Silver Arrows in 2013. Since then, the great British racer has changed everything in the sport. Against all odds, the former McLaren driver dominated the turbo-hybrid era. He was already a world champion with McLaren. But the German team helped the great Briton equal the number of titles the great Michael Schumacher had won. As a result, the 2008 champion started winning titles again from 2014 and continued till 2020. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton missed his chance to win the title in 2016.

So he did in 2021. But in 2020, he equaled Schumacher. Since then, Hamilton has become the only F1 driver to win more than 100 Grands Prix. Many racers in F1’s history barely managed to race for 100 races. But here comes the seven-time champion, racing Mercedes cars. However, 2025 will be different. Lewis Hamilton will drive the car of the most successful F1 team in history. It has been a long time since Ferrari won a title. Can Hamilton break that deadlock? He has been winless since 2022. To start well with the iconic Italian team, the 1996 F1 World Champion suggests Hamilton “Carry a spring in his step.”


What Damon Hill Suggests Lewis Hamilton To Do In 2024?

Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes Crash Source: New Straits Times

Lewis Hamilton did not start well in his 12th and final season with Mercedes. In the opening Grand Prix of 2024 in Bahrain, Lewis finished at P7. George Russell finished at P5. He lost to his own teammate at the very start of the season. Clearly, the seven-time champion is excited about teaming up with a new racer from next year. That would be Charles Leclerc. But that does not mean he can afford to back off in his final season with the team that helped him win six F1 titles. Even Hamilton knows that, as he said, he wants to finish his collaboration with Mercedes on a high note.

Moreover, the 1996 F1 champion Damon Hill recalled what happened in 2015 and subsequently the next season. Hamilton confirmed his title win in 2015 with three races remaining. His then-teammate Nico Rosberg won the final three races of 2015. Later, Rosberg went on to win the 2016 world championship. That’s why Damon Hill suggests Hamilton not to back off this year and lay the groundwork before leaving Mercedes. That way, he will “Carry a spring in his step” to the Italian team in the following season. 

Hill Fears Hamilton Won’t Be Able To Turn On His Natural Talent Whenever He Likes Due To His Age

Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes Source: Eurosport

Like his fellow multiple champion Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton will race in F1 at age 40 and beyond. But with a new team. And that is also the most iconic and successful team in the sport, Ferrari. Damon Hill believes Hamilton has abundant talent, but switching it on whenever he likes will get more challenging with time.

That’s why Hill mentioned on the F1 Nation podcast that he hopes Hamilton won’t slack off too much in 2024. Moreover, the 1996 F1 Champion feels Lewis should wake up every day and believe that he can give his best for Mercedes in every race this year so that the challenge stays where it was back in 2013. 

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