New York Yankees’ center fielder Aaron Judge warms up before a game against the Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas, on April 30. AP

Aaron Judge, the heart of the New York Yankees’ hitting lineup, arrived in spring fully healthy and in good spirits. Of course, the toe injury from last season had to be nursed. But the slugger confirmed that the ligament tear won’t bother him, and he is expecting to play without any restrictions.

However, weeks after Aaron Judge’s optimistic statement, he fell prey to an injury concern. Aaron Judge is dealing with some kind of discomfort in his abs area, which has raised concerns about his oblique. And the toe injury relapse scare is not over. Amid mounting issues, the captain remains confident of the future.


Aaron Judge Hopeful Of Opening Day Participation Amid Abs Injury

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge sent shockwaves across the city of New York when he confirmed having an MRI scan of his abdominal area. The slugger confirmed he was feeling a little banged up due to excessive workload and swings. After he complained of discomfort, the club scheduled a precautionary test, which fortunately came out clean. “We ran tests, and everything came back good,” Aaron Judge said. However, despite not having significant damage, Aaron Judge is taking a few days off and has been disallowed from resuming swinging until the end of the week. Besides the latest abs injury, the captain earlier flagged concerns about his toe injury, which is likely to require constant maintenance for the rest of his career.

Amid multiple injuries looming over Aaron Judge’s head, the Yankees captain is still optimistic about his participation on the opening day. He said the injury is nothing serious and the discomfort should subside after a couple of days’ rest. He intends to get back onto the field sooner rather than later, and opening day participation is still a certain possibility for Judge. Overall, as opening day approaches, all eyes will be on Judge’s recovery progress. The New York Yankees fans remain hopeful that their star outfielder will be able to take the field and contribute to the team’s quest for success in the upcoming season. Regardless of the outcome, Aaron Judge’s health remains the top priority. And the team will make decisions with his long-term well-being in mind.

Judge To Return In The Yankees Lineup On Sunday

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge points after hitting a 2-run homer. Twitter NYY

In a major boost to the New York Yankees, Aaron Judge is all set to return after undergoing MRI scans on his abs. Skipper Aaron Boone confirmed the news to MLB insider Bryan Hoch. According to Hoch, Judge will be penciled in center field for the Yanks’ upcoming spring game against the Toronto Blue Jays on Saturday. The idea is to rest him on Sunday and pencil again on Monday vs. Phillies.

Indeed, Aaron Judge’s presence brings a boost of confidence and firepower to the Yankees’ roster as they look to start the season on a strong note on opening day. His return comes after a period of rehabilitation and cautious monitoring of his abdominal injury. Hopefully, the captain’s impact will help propel the team to success in the upcoming games.

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