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The New York Yankees need Aaron Judge to stay healthy throughout the year. Some die-hard fans in New York call their captain “Our savior.” The fans believe the AL 2022 MVP can lead the NY side to their 28th World Series title. It has been a long time since the Bronx Bombers made it to the “Big Dance.” The Yankees Faithful has been waiting almost 15 years for another title. This year, they have had the best chance in recent times to reach the World Series. The offense looks good, and they have a pretty good bullpen.

But there are certain doubts about the health status of key players, especially Aaron Judge. Last year, the Yankees captain missed 35 games on the trot after he sustained a torn ligament. The AL 2022 MVP was in good touch until he had a freak accident at the Los Angeles Dodgers fence. In 2024, ahead of the spring training, Aaron Judge mentioned his toe injury will need “Constant maintenance” for the rest of his career. Hence, the fans fear they might not get to see Judge play any close to 162 games in 2024.


Aaron Judge Deals With Soreness, Gerrit Cole Gets An MRI Scan 


Apparently, two superstars of the Yankees are dealing with injuries. This is shocking news for the Yankees Faithful. Gerrit Cole, the ace pitcher of the NY side, had an MRI on his right elbow. On Tuesday, Cole had to stop pitching halfway. Later, Luke Weaver was the fill-in for the 2023 AL Cy Young winner. Even the Yankees had to scratch Weaver out due to a stiff neck. Dennis Santana might replace both Cole and Weaver against the Toronto Blue Jays. Anyway, the same day when the Yankees sent Cole for an MRI, Aaron Judge was not part of either of the two teams the NY side fielded.

It was a split-squad day for the Yankees. One team faced the Philadelphia Phillies at BayCare Ballpark. That team won against the Phillies 2-1. And the other team, the Yankees, beat the Baltimore Orioles at Steinbrenner Field. The Yankees won 5-3 against the Orioles. But why did Aaron Judge not play either of the two games? Later, Aaron Boone mentioned, as per The New York Post, that Judge is feeling a kind of beat up. His overall body and core are the source of his soreness. Fans noticed Boone pulled Judge off Sunday’s game. But the Yankees skipper said there is not really “Any concern.”

Aaron Boone Thinks The NY Side’s Captain “Covers Himself Really Well Now”

Credit: Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

In the early part of his career, the AL 2022 MVP seemed to be very injury-prone. But then he turned things around, needing only one brief trip on the Injured List between 2021 and 2022. However, last season, he missed most of June and July after tearing a ligament in his right big toe.

Anyhow, Aaron Boone lately mentioned that Aaron Judge has gotten really good at managing the minor things and the nicks he has to deal with throughout the season. Boone thinks the Yankees captain covers himself well now. Anyway, Aaron Judge seems to be in good spirits and hopes to make it big this year.

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