Red Bull Adrian Newey Max Verstappen Christian Horner
Red Bull Adrian Newey Max Verstappen Christian Horner Source: Sustain Health Magazine

Ferrari hopes to challenge Red Bull for the title from next year or so. It won’t be an easy task to figure out a way to beat the reigning champions. The Austrian outfit has won 38 races in the last two seasons. They have already won the first two Grands Prix of the current ongoing season. It looks like another easy victory for the Max Verstappen-Sergio Perez duo. In both the first two races of 2024, Christian Horner’s side won with a one-two finish. Checo had back-to-back P2 finishes in 2024. Max Verstappen looks like relentless as usual. He is eager to win his fourth consecutive Driver’s World Championship.

Moreover, Red Bull is still the strongest team in terms of performance. However, Ferrari had great news ahead of the new season. The most decorated racer in the sport will join the Italian team in 2025. Sir Lewis Hamilton shocked the fans when he announced that he would leave Mercedes for real. But he also mentioned that it was like a dream come true moment for him to join the iconic Italian racing team. Moreover, Ferrari is planning to make more changes this year. They are targeting key Red Bull personnel. 


Ferrari Tried To Bring In Adrian Newey: REPORTS

Ferrari Boss Frederic Vasseur
Ferrari Boss Frederic Vasseur Source: PlanetF1

There were rumors that the Italian team was trying to poach Red Bull’s car designer Adrian Newey and also Pierre Wache, the technical director. However, Gazzetta Motori reports that Ferrari is also targeting David Morgan, Red Bull’s track aerodynamic manager. But that’s not all; the most successful team in the sport is also trying to poach Ben Waterhouse and Alessandro Germani. Ben is the head of performance of the Austrian outfit. On the other hand, Germani is the head of Red Bull’s aerodynamic department. These three engineers did not get the limelight in F1 as far as they deserved. But they played an integral part in helping Red Bull dominate the sport.

Hence, it is not just Newey and Wache, Ferrari is targeting a lot of senior members in the Red Bull team. Currently, the Austrian-British outfit is going through an internal turmoil. The situation is rough. On the other hand, Ferrari went through a slight restructuring in recent times when Fred Vasseur became the new team principal in 2022. Ferrari moved several senior personnel to strengthen themselves from within. That’s why the Italian team is currently looking for new engineers from other powerhouses – Mercedes and Red Bull. However, they have not made any official announcement regarding personnel transfer between them and Red Bull. 

Lewis Hamilton Says There’s Possibility For Newey To Join The Italian Team

Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen Source: Sky Sports

Recently, Lewis Hamilton told the media, including PlanetF1, that his move to Ferrari showed everybody that anything is possible. Hence, Hamilton feels the next six months will be a lot more interesting. Moreover, Hamilton talked about the experience of the car designer Newey in Red Bull. Hamilton said, “Newey gets praise for everybody’s work.” Moreover, Lewis acknowledged the fact that Adrian Newey is a huge part of Red Bull.

But the seven-time champion emphasized other engineers who play important roles in developing superior cars. Hamilton says, “It is not down to one person” to develop a team. In the background, there are a lot of engineers and people trying to contribute to the team’s success. Finally, Hamilton said it was not his decision to tempt Newey to join Ferrari.

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