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Red Bull and its internal power struggle are the trending topics in the paddock. While the RBR team is dominating the racing circuit, the rumors of a mass exodus might halt its domination. Since the official departure of Adrian Newey, things have not been good for the Milton Keynes-based team. 

However, Newey’s potential successor’s contract renewal has brought some stability amid the turmoil. The Red Bull team is focused on retaining its key personnel while rival team bosses are stirring the pot. Thus, the entire scenario is nothing short of a soap opera at the Formula One theatre. 

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Pierre Wache Committing To Red Bull While Wheatley Looking For Options 

Adrian Newey’s sudden departure has sparked a heap of controversies. It shows that things are not good behind Red Bull’s closed doors. Moreover, it won’t be easy to fill Newey’s void. Notably, he is among the most successful car designers. The aero wizard has won championships for Williams, Red Bull, and McLaren. Also, the Briton was the main sculptor of Red Bull’s domination. However, his potential successor, Pierre Wache, could be the next pillar of Milton Keynes’s fort. Despite Red Bull’s ongoing domination, teams like Ferrari and McLaren are giving stiff competition. With Lando Norris breaking Max Verstappen’s Miami GP winning streak, the competition will keep getting stiffer. Therefore, the energy-drink-based outfit would need the services of an experienced technical head like Pierre Wache. Moreover, with some drastic regulation changes in line, the team needs talents like Wache. Therefore, Pierre’s signing a fresh contract with Red Bull could be the first step towards organizational harmony. 

Meanwhile, the rival team boss, Zak Brown, has stirred the pot with his recent remarks. The McLaren CEO has revealed that the Red Bull CVs fly left and right in the F1 paddock. Thus, according to Zak, Newey’s departure is a sign of mass exodus. However, Christian Horner lashed out at Brown and advised him to focus on his own team. Hence, the current F1 arena resembles a boxing ring, where verbal blows are exchanged frequently.  

Toto Wolff Has Not Ruled Out Meeting With Max Verstappen 

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Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion, is on the wishlist of every F1 team. Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, is no different, as he wants the Dutchman to drive the silver lining. While Vestappen’s current Red Bull contract extends till 2028, Wolff makes every possible attempt to force a dream transfer. Earlier, when the rumors of a meeting between Verstappen and Mercedes delegacy broke out, Wolff brushed it off. 

However, recently, he admitted that Max is on Mercedes’s plan sheet. Although he doesn’t want drivers to feel like they’re in a chess game, he wants the best driver to drive for Mercedes. Verstappen clarified that he is in no mood to leave Red Bull, at least for now. The Mercedes boss is hopeful that he might change Verstappen’s mind.