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The internal unrest at Red Bull is far from over, as reports suggest a potential fallout. Things have stirred up since Adrian Newey’s departure. After almost two decades of glory, the aero wizard decided to part ways with Milton Keynes. He was the leading man behind the team’s utmost domination on the racing circuit. The 65-year-old helped the outfit win thirteen world titles. 

However, the internal power mayhem forced him to bid farewell. Meanwhile, the team Principal, who was embroiled in a sexual misconduct case, is trying to keep the team together. Moreover, rival teams like Mercedes and McLaren aren’t holding back. The constant war of words is the talking point in the F1 arena. Recently, Christian Horner has hit back at his Mercedes and McLaren counterparts, asking them some tough questions. 


“Be Worried About 200 We Took From Them,” Horner Rages At F1 Rivals  


The rumors of a ‘mass exodus’ were hovering over RBR. Since the Chief Technical Officer decided to leave the setup, their rivals believe the team will undergo a domino effect. With Mercedes making a move for Red Bull’s star driver, Max Verstappen, a potential fallout was expected. However, rivals like Mercedes and McLaren were not shy of taking a jib at RBR’s ongoing situation. Now, Christian Horner has slammed his opponent with a befitting reply. It all started with Zak Brown’s statement regarding a potential fallout at RBR. Zak, elated by an empathic victory for Lando Norris, stirred the pot by saying that the Red Bull CVs are flying across the F1 paddock. Additionally, Toto Wolff said he was approached by Red Bull staffers, claiming he received CVs through all levels. 

Therefore, Christian Horner lashed out at the two opponents, asking them to focus on their own teams. Further, he claimed to have poached more than 200 Mercedes members in recent years. While marking their remarks as ‘inevitable,’ Horner was not pleased with the ongoing condition. The Red Bull boss was in no mood to hold back as he pointed out Mercedes’ sub-standard performance while backing his team’s strength. However, it is difficult to claim whether this frustration was about the rivals or RBR’s current chaotic situation. 

Is Jonathan Wheatley On A Look Out For A New Opportunity?

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Meanwhile, rumors persist regarding Red Bull Racing team members exploring opportunities within Formula 1. After Adrian Newey exits, the potential departure of Jonathan Wheatley, their sporting director, looms large. Earlier last week, the confirmation of Newey stepping away from F1 made him available for the rival F1 teams from March 2025. If Wheatley were to follow his footprints, it could further destabilize the team’s management and potentially impact their performance. Thus, the rumors suggest that the domino effect would end Red Bull’s dominance ahead of the upcoming regulation guidelines.

The Time newspaper reported Wheatley’s future ambitions and plan of an early exit. The 56-year-old is eyeing the team principal position and is open to discussing his future with other outfits. However, the team denies all rumors, stating that he is exploring options until his contract is renewed.