Klay Thompson Warriors
Klay Thompson Warriors Source: Basketball Network

Klay Thompson, the shooting guard, has been an integral part of the Golden State Warriors ever since his NBA debut. His journey in the big league started in 2011. Since then, he has been part of a basketball revolution that changed the game forever. But Klay was not alone. He had his Splash Brother, who became the greatest shooter the NBA has ever seen. Along with Stephen Curry, Thompson helped the Dubs end their title drought in 2015. It was the Splash Brothers, along with Draymond Green and head coach Steve Kerr, that made the Warriors a modern-day Dynasty. Moreover, the team representing the Bay Area enjoyed an incredible success in a span of eight years when they won four NBA titles. 

However, the Dynasty seems to come to an end after the failure in the 2023-2024 season. Who knows if they can win again, especially with the same trio? Moreover, Steph and Dray are still under contract. On the other hand, Klay Thompson will be an unrestricted free agent after the ongoing season is over in the upcoming offseason. The way the Dubs finished their campaign this season, it looks like they are in dire need of major upgrades. Does that mean they will trade Klay? If they do, there will be several teams who’ll jump at the opportunity to land Thompson. One of those teams is the Philadelphia 76ers. 


76ers Are Desperate To Sign Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson Warriors
Klay Thompson Warriors Source: NBA.com

According to NBA Insider Jake Fischer, the Philadelphia 76ers might be favorites to land the Splash Brother of Steph Curry. On a one-plus-one deal, the 76ers might make a play for Klay Thompson, who will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Elite shooting skills of the four-time champion should be a blessing in disguise for the 76ers who had been through a lot of failures in the playoffs. No one can discredit the championship experience of the upcoming free agent. Unlike the Golden State Warriors, the Philadelphia side has a much bigger cap space. The Dubs are dealing with a limited cap space.


However, the 76ers can make even more upgrades if Klay Thompson signs with them. Klay will turn 35 next year. Nevertheless, the shooting guard of the Warriors is still among the best three and D players in the NBA. Hence, the Philadelphia side might offer the same thing to Klay Thompson that the Indiana Pacers did to Bruce Brown. After his chapter with the Curry’s and Green’s, Thompson might make a great teammate to Joel Embiid at the 76ers. Moreover, if the Sixers don’t add a “Difference-maker” ahead of the next season, their title chances will be slim to none.

How Much The Sixers Or The Warriors Will Be Willing To Pay Klay?

Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors
Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors Source: Sports Illustrated

In the ongoing season, albeit it is over for the Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson earned 43.2 million dollars. Chances are he won’t garner anywhere near that deal with the Dubs or some other franchise on his next deal. If the Sixers offer Klay a one-plus-one deal, he might end up earning $30 million per year. That way, the Philadelphia side can set the bar for rival teams to match. 

Albeit, the 2023-2024 season didn’t go as per plans, the Warriors will still try to fight for another title with the same core. Hence, the Dubs should match any offer, doesn’t matter how lucrative it is, to keep Klay Thompson on their roster. Klay is brilliant in defense as he is in offense, the 76ers or any other team would be lucky to have him. 

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