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The New York Yankees had a tough season this year. It was really humiliating for the 27-time champions not to make the postseason. The Bronx Bombers failed to make the postseason for the first time since 2016. It has been the worst season for the NY side in the last thirty years. Hence, the Bronx Bombers aim to bounce back stronger next season. But for that, they need to make a lot of significant changes, and they know it.

Anyway, for better or worse, the NY side needed a new hitting coach this season, as Sean Casey would not reprise his role next season. After a disastrous season in 2023, Casey had no intention to stick around. Besides the roster, the NY side is reshuffling their coaching staff as well. For instance, James Rowson will join the 27-time champions as their new hitting coach.


James Rowson Will Be The New Hitting Coach Of The Bronx Bombers

James Rowson Yankees
James Rowson Yankees Source: CBS Sports

Rowson developed a good rapport with Aaron Judge during his days in the minor league. On Monday, the Yankees hired Rowson as their hitting coach. In 2023, the Yankees had the second-worst batting average. Moreover, the Yankees had been experimenting with a lot of options for a hitting coach in the last few years. At first, they had Dillon Lawson. Later, they fired Lawson after one and a half seasons at the All-Star break. Later, Sean Casey replaced Lawson. Moreover, Lawson was the first in-season coaching change of the Yankees since Nardi Contreras was the replacement in July 1995 for Billy Connors as the pitching coach.

Last season, the 47-year-old James Rowson was the assistant hitting coach of the Detroit Tigers. Moreover, Rowson had a brief playing career in the minor leagues for the Yankees and the Seattle Mariners. But the native of New York’s Mount Vernon has experience in coaching the minor league teams of the Chicago Cubs. Later, he came to the major league as the hitting coach of the Minnesota Twins and later in the Miami Marlins. The NY side hit only .227 in 2023. Moreover, the Oakland Athletics was the worst team in batting average with .223. But the Yankees sure do need to lift themselves up from this low point.

Yankees Are Looking To Hire An Old Friend As Their New Bench Coach

Andrew Bailey Former Yankees Pitcher
Andrew Bailey Former Yankees Pitcher Source: CBS News

Hal Steinbrenner, the owner, called the 2023 season “Awful” as the GM Brian Cashman called it a “Disaster.” Hence, the other coaching changes the Yankees are looking for can be like the bench coach. The NY side may hire Andrew Bailey as the new bench coach, as per Joel Sherman of the New York Post. Bailey is an old friend and former pitcher whom the Yankees might want to get back in town. Moreover, the Yankees plan to make a lot of changes in the roster as well. They need to bring in reinforcements in the outfield and the hitting department to help captain Aaron Judge for the next season.

Moreover, the Yankees have eyes on a lot of quality free agents and even some who are in the final year of their contracts. Most importantly, the rumors suggest the Yankees are keen on signing Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres. Anyway, even if the rumor is fake or true, the addition of Soto to the Yankees roster can make a lot of difference. However, there are many more options for a lefty hitter like Juan Soto. The Yankees can also look to sign Cody Bellinger.