Alex Verdugo Boston Red Sox Outfielder
Alex Verdugo Boston Red Sox Outfielder Source: WFSB

The New York Yankees had a terrible season this year. It is better to just forget about it and move on. But the Bronx Bombers are willing to learn from the mistakes they made this year as well and make big changes. Meanwhile, the NY side is looking at bats like Matt Chapman or Cody Bellinger.

In the meantime, the Yankees can get a real help from their arch-rivals, the Boston Red Sox. Moreover, the Red Sox might actually trade Alex Verdugo to the 27-time champions. The 27-year-old hit .264 in the last season with the lowest BABIP of his career. He has been part of the Red Sox since 2020. Moreover, he has been able to slug double-digit home runs in each of the past three seasons.


Is It Possible For The Red Sox To Trade Alex Verdugo To Their Rivals?

Alex Verdugo Red Sox
Alex Verdugo Red Sox Source: BoSox Injection

However, Alex Verdugo missed a total of 53 games over the four seasons he played for the Red Sox. Albeit, he has enough bat-to-bat skills to impress the rivals of the Red Sox. If the Boston team is willing to play the young players more, then they might look to offload Alex Verdugo. But the 27-year-old is entering his final year for the eligibility to arbitrate. Anyway, the Yankees have a more or less good package to sign Verdugo. As per the MLB Trade Rumors, in his final arbitration year, Verdugo can be eligible for a pay bump to as much as $9.2 million.

But it will be less of a commitment anyway. Moreover, the Yankees are in search of a lefty outfielder, and Verdugo is perfect for that position. However, it is also very unlikely that a trade can happen between the NY and the Boston sides. But the coincidence is that the Red Sox at present is ready to trade a player who ideally fits in the category of players that their rivals are looking for. Anyway, Alex Verdugo will be a free agent at the end of the next season.   

The Yankees Need A Left Outfielder Desperately

Aaron Judge Hal Steinbrenner Yankees
Aaron Judge Hal Steinbrenner Yankees Source: Pinstripe Alley

Earlier in the offseason, Hal Steinbrenner, the owner, noted that there will be a lot of changes in the personnel as well as others. Echoing the owner, captain Aaron Judge mentioned the organization is thinking about changing its philosophy, analytics, and coaches as well as reshuffling the roster. The aim is to make it to the “Big Dance.” It has been more than a decade since the Yankees won the World Series the last time. And it was the last time they played in the World Series.

Moreover, the most iconic MLB team needs to pick themselves up from their current status. They failed to make the postseason in 2023. Somehow, they managed to maintain the streak of winning seasons. The Yankees had the second-worst batting average this season behind the Oakland Athletics. It has been nothing short of tremendous shame. But they are looking for reinforcements at the moment. They need quality offensive players. The Yankees were more or less good at defense. It is the offense where they need to improve a lot.