Red Bull RB19

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Red Bull’s RB19 Set To Return Next Year As Team Decided To Go With The Beast Once Again

Red Bull is enjoying epic success and dominance on the grid like never ever seen before. However, Mercedes enjoyed their hegemony for eight years. But they did not win as many races each and every season as Red Bull has been doing in recent times. Even Lewis Hamilton said early in the season that he had not seen a faster car than RB19.

He compared the cars he drove in his dominant era, but it does not come close to Red Bull’s RB19. That has been the main difference for Red Bull this season. The car is an exquisite piece of work. Moreover, the credit goes to Adrian Newey and Red Bull’s engine partner, Honda. Generally, every F1 car gets to drive in a single season. However, it seems after the end of the 2023 season, the story of RB19 might not get over so soon.


Alpha Tauri Might Drive RB19 Next Year

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo Source: laSexta

Perhaps, the sister team of Red Bull Racing, Alpha Tauri, may use the same car next year. Then they might be the new challenger on the grid. The RB19 car is still unbeaten at present. Anyway, it does not look like losing any time soon because it looks so superior. Moreover, David Croft, Sky Sports F1 commentator and panelist, mentioned on a podcast show that there is a rumor that Red Bull might allow its sister team to drive RB19 next year.

However, it is just a paddock rumor that if RB19 stays, it might move to Alpha Tauri. Moreover, David Croft believes that Daniel Ricciardo’s entry to Alpha Tauri might have encouraged the Austrian team to get this idea. The Aussie brings a new phase to Alpha Tauri to replace the disappointing phase of Nyck De Vries. However, the question remains if Daniel Ricciardo would be willing to drive RB19 with Alpha Tauri. What if Red Bull decides to replace Sergio Perez with the Aussie?     

RB19 Has Helped Red Bull And Max Verstappen Break Many Records This Year

Red Bull RB19 Source: Autosport
Red Bull RB19 Source: Autosport

This year, Red Bull enjoyed their 100th win in F1, and Adrian Newey enjoyed his 200th win with the car he designed. However, a lot of credit goes to Max Verstappen as well, who drove this magnificent car so beautifully. The Dutchman won 10 out of 12 races so far. He is currently enjoying an eight-race winning streak. Verstappen is about to break the former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel’s record of nine consecutive wins in 2013.

Only two more races after the summer break to go, and Verstappen will be the new record holder. Red Bull can be the first team to win all the races in a season. They have won all the 12 Grands Prix so far. No other team is looking close enough to beat Max Verstappen and the Milton Keynes team this season. They are enjoying incredible success with the superior car, RB19. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton mentioned that he would give Max a tough challenge if he drove Checo’s RB19. Sergio Perez has been really struggling with his consistency. It seems like he has not understood the car properly like Max yet.