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Red Bull Unable To Develop Their RB19 Any Further! Is It Because Of Cost Cap Restrictions?

It looks like Red Bull could not continue its domination further because of the various restrictions implemented on them. The team has been on top of the game for the last two years. But since they were caught breaching the cost gap in 2021, they have received a heavy penalty over the subject. And it looks like the team could have a major impact on their performance because of their past actions. There are other liabilities also that the champions of the existing team have to fulfill.

Boss Christian Horner is under tremendous pressure to hold the top position in F1 this year. Since Red Bull has set the bar for itself so high in the past two seasons, they are expected to keep pushing further. However, it looks highly unlikely as there is no time for them to complete the tunnel testing. And the reason for such less time could be the addition of a cost cap penalty and winning the title last year. Keep reading to discover the full story on Red Bull and Why Horner is under so much stress.


Upgrading The RB19 Could Be Tougher This Year

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Formula One has become more than just a sprinting competition where the car that runs the fastest wins. The whole team needs to be involved on the same level to continue to win in the races. Without the cooperation of a whole and vague strategy, the team will taste the dust in the 21-race-long season. Even team Principal Horner accepted the change in culture in the racing world. “It’s a new challenge in Formula 1, how you apply your resources,” said the Red Bull team principal.

Since they were found guilty of breaching the cost gap in 2021, they are liable to pay $7 million as a penalty. And to top more frustration over the winners, they are also fined 10% of their wind tunnel testing. It is a very necessary process for the teams to check their car’s aerodynamics. But the troubles for the former champions do not end here. Since they were last year’s champions, they will have further cut down on wind testing. It is a norm to cut down the winners’ testing time so that the sport remains competitive and dynamic.

All At Once On The Red Bull Team

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I think it will be very tough for us to develop this car because when you look at the amount of percentage timeless we have compared to some of our rivals, it’s significant,” said Principal Horner. But he also agrees that this is how they will have to operate. They do not have any other option. The best they can do is use the remaining time with caution and hope for the best results.

The thing that will create more problems for the team is that their competitors are soon going to get major upgrades. And then Red Bull will have a much tougher time staying level with them. However, things could be saved from getting worse if they make the best out of the resources they have. And that is exactly what Horner would want to do in the upcoming month.