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Red Bull Planning To Sign Carlos Sainz Jr. As Sergio Perez’s Replacement Next Year?

Red Bull had been looking for a replacement for Sergio Perez for a while. Checo has not been able to live up to expectations. Albeit he helped the Austrian outfit win the two back-to-back constructor titles. Moreover, in 2021, when Max Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Dutchman credited his teammate for playing a crucial role. However, the Mexican driver played a very small role in the Milton Keynes team’s success in the last few seasons. Christian Horner and Helmut Marko wanted more from Checo.

But the Mexican driver won just four Grands Prix in the last two seasons. On the other hand, Max Verstappen won 34 races in the last two years. Hence, there has been this huge gap between the two Red Bull drivers. That’s why the team has been looking for a better replacement. Daniel Ricciardo is the favorite for the second Red Bull seat in 2025. But then there are other options as well. Ever since Lewis Hamilton announced that he would replace Carlos Sainz Jr. in Ferrari in 2025, the Spaniard has been available on the driver’s market. 


Helmut Marko Talks About The Possibility Of Carlos Sainz Jr. Replacing Checo In 2025

Carlos Sainz Jr. Helmut Marko
Carlos Sainz Jr. Helmut Marko Source: Sky Sports

Carlos Sainz Jr. and Max Verstappen have been teammates since they debuted in F1 with the Toro Rosso team in 2015. The Red Bull Racing’s advisor knows how toxic their relationship became as teammates. Hence, Marko might not entertain the idea of the Spaniard teaming up with Max again. On the other hand, after all these years, Carlos Sainz Jr. has won only two races in his career. However, he was the only one non-Red Bull driver to win a race last season. Recently, in an interview with Kleine Zeitung, the Austrian publication, Helmut Marko mentioned Carlos Sainz Jr. might want to make a decision sooner than they do.

The Red Bull advisor hinted that his team’s timeline might not match with the Spaniard. On the other hand, some said, the Austrian outfit might sign Alex Albon as the replacement. But Marko denied that rumor, saying that Albon is not an issue for them because he has a contract till the end of the next year. On the other hand, Helmut Marko has not ruled out the possibility of an extension for the Mexican driver. So far, Checo, in his long F1 career, has won six races. And five of those GP wins came with the Red Bull team. 

How Can Sergio Perez Secure His Red Bull Seat?

Sergio Perez Red Bull Helmut Marko
Sergio Perez Red Bull Helmut Marko Source: PlanetF1

The Mexican driver had the best start of his F1 career last season. He won two of the first four GPs last year. Moreover, the fans thought they are in for a big Red Bull internal rivalry. But since the Miami Grand Prix, Max Verstappen took things under control. Checo didn’t win another race last year. However, Helmut Marko believes the only way Checo can secure his Red Bull seat is “Being consistent.”

Something that the Dutch racer has been since 2021. But Sergio Perez needs to find a way to be consistent. Marko mentioned that racing at Verstappen’s level is not possible for Checo. But if he can finish second in the World Championship and wins one or two races in 2024, Marko thinks Checo can still be an option for the next season. 

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