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Undoubtedly, Red Bull has the fastest car on the grid at present. As a result, the Austrian team has won all three races up till now this season. Max Verstappen won two Grands Prix this year – Bahrain and Australia; while Sergio Perez won in Saudia Arabia. Other than Australian Grand Prix, the Austrian team has won second place as well in the other two races.

It is like no other team has a chance when Red Bull has the fastest car, RB19. Red Bull is way ahead of the rest in the constructor’s championship. Aston Martin is the second-place holder at present with 65 points. Mercedes is nine points behind Aston Martin. So, it is more than clear that Red Bull is set to dominate the grid. And looks like they have brought more updates to Baku after the initial races. This is because they are once again looking untouchable.


Milton Keynes Team Makes RB19 Stronger And Faster Than Ever

Red Bull
Red Bull RB19

Red Bull has made more upgrades on RB19 to improve the already fastest car on the grid. The Milton Keynes team might not have been happy with the car’s side pods. They made some modifications to the side pods. Red Bull corrected the inlet and underbite shape of the side pods to improve the flow stream of radiators, coolers, ancillaries, and the external bearing as well. They have widened the aperture and raised the underbite’s leading edge. This modification changes the aspect ratio but should not have any adverse effect on the volume. Due to this modification, the car’s rear gets more airflow as the undercut below the side pod gets more scope of cooling down and gets more space as well. It is helping the Austrian team’s car get more strength in every way.

Christian Horner‘s team has also altered the geometry of the side pods to adjust better with the wide inlet. The Milton Keynes team has also recrafted the aerodynamic furniture to get more performance out of the RB19 car. Horner’s team also had an upstream change on the outer floor fence. That fence will get massaged on the top edge to help the local airflow and get more results out of the efforts done downstream. Furthermore, to help the airflow around the rear brake duct fence, the Red Bull engineers have split one of the winglets into two. All these measures show the concern of Christian Horner’s team to take no chances in Baku, Azerbaijan. It is a street circuit. Max Verstappen and Christian Horner are not big fans of such race tracks. However, Sergio Perez loves the street circuit. He is pretty good at these tracks.

Red Bull Is Way Ahead Of The Rest

Red Bull Drivers
Red Bull Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez Daniel Ricciardo

Checo will look to even things out between him and the Dutchman on the points table in the upcoming weekend. However, Red Bull is enjoying the throne with a mammoth difference, as after three races, they have accumulated 123 points. Clearly, they have the advantage of owning the most superior car to all at present. Thanks to Red Bull’s partnership with Honda.

However, this partnership is coming to an end in 2025 when Red Bull will have a new engine partner in the form of Ford. Until then, the Austrian team is dominating the grid. Other teams may think the Milton Keynes team does not need any upgrade to their superior car. But the Milton Keynes team may not think so.