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Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Evidently, Red Bull has been very successful over the last two years. Their car has been the fastest, and it helped them to overthrow Mercedes as the dominant team on the grid. Clearly, under the cost cap regulations since 2022, the Milton Keynes team reached a whole new level. It has made the rival teams’ lives so much more challenging to catch them up. But the secret lies in the unique car design that made the RB19 this year unbeatable. As a result, Red Bull has won all the races so far with RB19. Last year as well, the Austrian team won 15 races with RB18. But the fans have been curious about how other teams are facing so much difficulty in building a fast and smooth car in the cost-cap era while the Bulls have been running the entire game.

Red Bull Admits Of Copying From Other Teams

Adrian Newey Christian Horner
Adrian Newey Christian Horner Red Bull

Red Bull has made the fastest car ever despite budget restrictions. But how? The answer lies in what the chief technology officer of Red Bull had to say about the car design. Adrian Newey, who is Red Bull’s mastermind behind designing the RB19 car, spoke with Sky Sports. As he mentioned, “It is a serious compliment when other teams copy from us. Honesty, we have copied from others as well.” In Formula One, it is not a matter of pride to copy or not. In fact, every team keeps a close look at the other team’s car and builds their car accordingly. The essential elements of the game are constant evaluation and learning from other teams.


It is a dynamic battlefield regarding the designs of cars. Every team competes to see whose design works best for them. Adrian Newey asserted that the competition is so intense that teams are desperate to try something they see another team doing with their car. They later contemplate if that works for them or not. Apparently, Red Bull has noticed this year that people move around and sometimes get that the copying is visual. Thus their chief technology officer believes that teams need to forget about pride and constantly evaluate what others are doing. Sometimes they copy the whole thing. But it gives the other teams an idea about why that particular design works for those teams. Moreover, they have to see if the design complements their car well.

The Exposition Of The Floors Can Be Catastrophic For Red Bull

Red Bull RB19 Floor
Red Bull RB19 Floor Source: RaceFans

Meanwhile, Adrian Newey of Red Bull explained to Sky Sports how other teams’ cars inspire him. He shared that the designs of the other teams can generate fresh ideas. If a design of a car looks interesting, then it is worth checking them out. That’s the philosophy of the Red Bull chief technology officer. However, the team is a bit worried about exposing the RB19’s floor. Newey believes it can be catastrophic. The Red Bull’s floors come with massive aerodynamics, which has helped them rise to recent power. But other teams may try to copy the RB19’s floor by the end of the Japanese Grand Prix. Apparently, it won’t be easy to copy the same configurations. But it will affect Red Bull’s plans in their budget cap if they try to advance to a great extent.