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Max Verstappen is clearly the most dominant racer of the current F1 generation. He has been unstoppable ever since he won his maiden title in 2021. It was a long wait for the Dutch driver to win his first-ever F1 World Championship. Even the 2021 season saw an epic battle between Max and then the reigning champion Lewis Hamilton. The great Briton was on his way to win his fifth title on the trot and eighth overall. But after a controversial and epic Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021, Max broke Hamilton’s streak to become a world champion.

Since then, he never had to look back so far. From 2022 to the first Grand Prix of 2024, Max Verstappen has won 35 races. Thanks to the Red Bull F1 team, as they have the fastest car on the grid right now. No other team really has a car close to Red Bull’s pace and design. Moreover, the Austrian team’s performance over the past two years has been impeccable. However, things can come to a sudden and tragic end for Red Bull if Max leaves. It may happen because of the fight between Christian Horner and Jos Verstappen. Fans are not liking the fact that Jos is about to ruin his son’s career.


Fans React To The Possibility Of Max Verstappen Ending His Collaboration With Red Bull Because Of His Father

Red Bull

A lot of things happened in the winter. Shocking news in F1 was Lewis Hamilton ending his collaboration with Mercedes at the end of this season to join Ferrari the next. But then there was another big shock for F1 fans as a Female employee in Red Bull F1 team accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior. Later, Jos Verstappen told the Daily Mail that it can’t go on like this. If Horner stays as team principal of Red Bull, things will explode, believes the father of Max Verstappen. Moreover, Jos fears the team will get torn apart because of Horner, as he is the one causing problems. Also, Jos said, “Horner is playing the victim.”

Later, Verstappen Senior met with Toto Wolff. As the media spotted it, the rumors began that Max Verstappen might leave Red Bull to join Mercedes. Later, Max told Sky Sports, that he can leave Red Bull if things go “Really crazy.” However, he also said that it was not the target for everyone. But Max’s response triggered fans to speculate about his intentions to leave Red Bull. Some F1 fans even blamed Jos Verstappen for ruining his son’s career. It may not be the best idea to leave Red Bull when everybody knows they have the strongest package. 

Stuck Feels It Would Be Very Stupid If Max Leaves Red Bull Now

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The German racer Hans Joachim Stuck believes Red Bull is the best team at present, with or without Horner. If the current team principal leaves, it won’t hamper their strong package. However, Stuck said if Max leaves now, then it would be “Incredibly stupid if he did that.” On the other hand, Mercedes would be delighted to find Lewis Hamilton’s replacement in the current reigning champion.

However, it might not help Max continue going on the winning streak. Anyway, Max Verstappen has a contract with Red Bull that lasts till 2028. However, Toto Wolff mentioned, “Everything is possible” regarding Verstappen. To stop Max from moving to Mercedes, Christian Horner had a meeting with Verstappen’s manager in Dubai with a lot of important Red Bull members present. Lately, the rumor was “Talks went well.”

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